22 thoughts on “#798 When all the blood rushes to your foot after it was asleep for a while

  1. I don’t get pins and needles much anymore for some reason. I remember once though I could not even walk when I had pins and needles. I guess I have better circulation now maybe. It is great when the blood comes back!

    1. are pins and needles when your (body part) falls asleep and when blood goes back in you feel REALLY TINGLY in that place?

  2. Here’s something for the TMI department. One time I was at work, and headed into the restroom for little mid-day #2. (Yes, I know the topic of work #2 has been well covered territory on this blog already). But the work toilets were way too short, so they put this weird pressure on your thighs. At any rate, partly because I was reading something, and partly because I’m sure I was just avoiding going back to my desk, I took a little longer than normal.

    Well, at any rate, when I was done and stood up, I had lost all feeling in my legs. I tried to walk out of the bathroom, but I couldn’t walk without falling over, my feet were so badly asleep. I think I ended up standing at the sink and “washing my hands” for about 10 more minutes until I could feel my feet again. But I’m with allurements above – those were the most painful 10 minutes of my life.

    I told you this was going to be total TMI.

    1. TMI maybe, but the same thing has happened to me. There may have been a bit of a power nap involved, which added to the out-of-circulation time a bit. It was weird having no feeling in the leg. I didn’t dare stand on it for fear of breaking something and not even knowing it.

  3. the sensation of pins and needles is a result of blood rushing back to the feet and exciting the nerves which sends a large amount of signals to the brain thus resulting in the pins and needles sensation so

  4. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  5. I used to have a construction job and during season change, for the first 2 weeks or so of wearing gloves in winter and not wearing gloves come spring every morning I’d wake up and both my hands would be asleep real bad. It sucked like nobodys business.

  6. it doesn’t really hurt.. though sometimes I get pins and needles. other times its just numb. its so funny when you try to get up on a sleeping foot and you just totally fall over, cause it can’t support your weight yet

  7. I LOVE that feeling. I have a bad habit of walking while my foot is asleep/numb. Anytime it gets like that, I like to get up and “walk it off.”

    I used to think it was just unusual, not bad, until I broke my foot doing it. When your foot is numb, it’s hard to check for proper placement. I put all the 160 pounds on my right foot and didn’t realize my toes were still pointed BEHIND me. I literally fell down from the pain.

    That’s when I realized it was a BAD habit. I still do it, but I look down as I walk.

    1. Woke up to my alarm once with both feet asleep… i fell over and hit my head. took me a while to get to that alarm…

  8. Blood has little to do with it most of the time. It’s usually the nerves that get their signals cut off first. Nitpicking aside, that sense of relief is still awesome.

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