27 thoughts on “#797 Seeing a cop on the side of the road and realizing you’re going the speed limit anyway

  1. This is awesome… unless the guy in front of you, who is also going the speed limit, slams on his breaks anyway.

    1. Clearly we are frequently behind the same person, which seems impossible now that I think about it.

  2. I LOVE this one! It happens to me more often now that I’m a more “mature” driver, but it never fails to put the heart rate through the roof.

    I also must confess to enjoying it when the crazy driver that passed you like you were standing still a while back – is now pulled over on the side of that road… Justice Prevails!

    1. Not believing that you’re actually a more “mature” driver, I snuck over to #942 to see your thoughts on getting flashed by drivers warning you about cops. Nothing too incriminating.

      However, I found out that since I last checked out those comments, its become quite a contentious topic. Lots of people taking the moral high ground there, and railing against the “flashers”.

      1. Ya, that was kind of interesting. I wonder what will happen when we get to #658 – Stealing candy from a baby and totally getting away with it.

  3. i still have a mini heart attack when a cop passes by… even if im just sittin there doin nothin… dunno why, never had any real trouble with them

  4. YES! This is a GREAT awesome thing…even though I still use a radar detector and try to use cruise control!!

  5. *Gasp*… a cop. Ok Jes, just coolly take your foot off the gas and check your speed. I am only going a bit over the limit… he won’t pull me over for that, right? I mean, doesn’t he have better things to do than pull someone over who is going a mere 5 Km over the limit? Ok, fine… 15 KM over. Here it is… the moment of truth *holds breath*… PHEW!

  6. Even better, when you are speeding past a cop late at night, realize he must have got you, but then he never comes after you because he was obviously sleeping in his car. Awesome!

  7. They should put police sirens or a picture of a cop car in the middle of a workout video, talk about a cardio workout. I swear those songs with the sirens in the background have me super nervous and I’ve never even gotten a ticket before.

  8. Love it….But they never stop you to thank you for being a law abiding citizen.
    And weren’t they just there to catch the guy who rode up practically into your back seat and then passed you in a huff in a no passing zone….Huh? Where was the cop THEN???

    1. Actually, in Vermont a few years ago there was a program where State Troopers would pull drivers over who were behaving well, and give them some VT Maple Syrup to say Thank You. I don’t know if the syrup was worth the heart attack drivers probably had, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

      BTW – I read this yesterday and on the way home passed a cruiser lying in wait by the side of the road – my speedometer was right on the speed limit. Awesome!

  9. Another awesome thing is if you don’t have your seatbelt on or if you’re kind of speeind and they see you but they let you slide because they got bigger things to go do..

  10. Stop speeding, win the lottery, by Volkswagon.
    Seriously, google, it’s awesome!

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  12. Here’s a better one…Seeing the cop car coming towards you on a rural highway running through a small town where, unbenounced to you, the speed limit has dropped from 80 to 50. Your heart sinks as the red white and blue lights flash for just a second and you look down to see that you are still cruising at 70 kms. Here’s the AWESOME part…as you pass the officer, he makes a thumbs down signal for you to slow down!!! My 30 yr driving record goes untarnished!!!

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