#796 The sound of rain from inside the tent

Think of the sound not the view

Okay, straight up: you know those big kettle drums you see in the symphony? The ones being pounded with padded drumsticks by a bald guy in a tuxedo? Well, the sound of rain from inside the tent feels like living in a kettle drum.

Now, let’s be honest. The best thing about the sound of rain inside the tent is that it means you’re inside the tent, not outside in a thick and wet T-shirt, on your mud-splattered hands and knees, trying to hammer some plastic stakes into the mushy ground. Yes, putting up a tent in the rain is pretty high up there on 1000 Annoying Things, a non-existent netherlist which also features #1000 Walking into spider webs and #999 When someone says the punchline to the joke you’re telling.

The sound of rain from inside the tent feels safe, secure, and sort of comforting. After all, you’re out in the elements, safe from the elements. You’ll get the marshmallow roasting sticks later, you’ll build a fire tomorrow, but for now it’s just time to lay back on the bumpy sleeping bag, put your hands behind your head, and smile.


Time for a march

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53 thoughts on “#796 The sound of rain from inside the tent

  1. Probably the greatest sound ever. I linked to your post from my blog out of the sheer force of camping-related nostalgia. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. LOL– “1000 Annoying Things”
    The round of rain from inside pretty much any dry place is very high on my personal list of Awesomeness.

    1. Totally agree that the Blog’s first reference to “1000 Annoying Things” is totally awesome.

      This is just like when Superman first meets Bizarro! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizarro)

      If this blog existed in real life (and not just on the infoweb), and you kept this issue in mint condition for a really long time, #796 would totally be worth something!

      What were we talking about again? Tents? Yeah – those are cool too.

      But comic book stuff is way cooler!

  3. LOL– “1000 Annoying Things”
    The sound of rain from inside pretty much any dry place is very high on my personal list of Awesomeness.

  4. This one is polarizing for sure. In my eyes, the entire purpose behind human evolution is to avoid being outdoors. To go camping is to spit in the face of progress. How do you think homeless people feel about people who PAY to live outdoors?

  5. Annoying thing #998 – Getting your socks wet by stepping in the shower puddle left behind by your inconsiderate roommate.

      1. Mike – after having to listen all about Annoying Thing #998 from my SO, we finally solved the problem by laying a ratty old towel (folded over a few times) in the offending area. It’s easy to toss in each week’s wash, and avoids most of the “soggy sock” issues.

        However, I never thought of just giving her a bathroom of her own. That might’ve solved things a lot better, not to mention keeping a ratty, soggy towel off my floor.

  6. I’ve started a website I’m calling 1000 Unawesome Things.

    I’ve had the idea for a while, but now that the it (the idaea) is out there I figure I might as well secure it first. However #1000 and #999 are different than stated here.

    1. idea*

      Also it has been suggested that I go ahead and use #1000 – #998. I suppose that since my site wouldn’t exist without 1000 Awesome Things, it is only right to pay homage by including something by the original creator. Thus the blog will be changed to include them.

  7. The site linked in my name is a 1000 annoying things of sorts, and I will readily admit it was somewhat inspired by this lovely site. For every awesome thing, there is an equally annoying thing.

  8. Definitely Awesome! But I do have to remark that the kettle drummer in the Okangan Symphony is not a badling man in a tuxedo. She is a joyful woman with firey red hair, who always draws my attention.

  9. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  10. hey! that sound is one of my favorite childhood memories! even though my tent was always in my backyard! Great times, great memories. Thanks for make me remember.

  11. Total nostalgia. Reminds me of when I was a kid sleeping in a leaky tent and Dad going outside in the Rain with a patch kit every hour.

  12. This happened to me just last weekend.

    As someone who usually gets rained on directly when camping, it was a nice change. We had beautiful weather during the day, then it started raining just when we were thinking of turning in anyway, and we got to fall asleep listening to that sound. Even better, no leaks in our tent — we woke up completely dry the next day, and the weather was back to beautiful!

  13. why have none of you recorded the sound of rain from within a tent and posted it for the world to enjoy? do it, do it now!

  14. This one makes me think of my ex.. We used to go camping quite a bit, and before he left to go travelling, on our last day together.. We just put the tent up on a path in the middle of these fields, and had one last time.. Sex in a tent in the rain with someone you love.. Could maybe be a subtext to this one :)

  15. #997 annoying things “people that talk in the tent while the rain is falling”

    shut up and just listen to the rain. . .

  16. Rain just makes everything more cozy. Also, when it is nice out, you don’t want to be inside – the tent is uncomfortable and not always that great. But when it is raining, you become incredibly grateful that you’re not outside – suddenly the tent is the best place in the world.

  17. not if you’re in the military and you’re out in the field. it only means the suck is worse

  18. i definitely agree about the putting the tent up in the rain.
    last year, i went with my friends on the duke of edinburgh’s award expedition.
    there was this one day, it rained NONSTOP. Even wearing our waterproof clothes, we were soaked to the skin. And when we finally arrived at the campsite, we had to put up the tent, still raining.
    Inside the tent, it was so cold, because of our wet clothes, that we couldn’t move. So we didn’t eat dinner, which made us colder. It also kept us up all night.
    Oh, and I think taking down a tent in the rain is pretty bad too… everything is folded up all wet, and when you have to put the tent up at the end of that day, it’s wet on the inside…

  19. The sound of the rain in a tent is wonderful.
    My friend is a fisherman, and when he goes out fishing one night we sleep in a tent.
    when I hear the rain I fall asleep quickly.
    We were watching a movie with a small computer, and my friend said something to me. But he got no answer. I was already asleep…
    After several hours, he woke me up because we left, because it was too hard on rain and the wind was to hard.
    I was sad because I slept very well…

  20. I like putting up my tent just before it begins to rain. So when it starts me and my friends go and sit in it just smoking a cigarette and listen to the sound of the raindrops on your tent untill you fall asleep. The sound gives you a cozy , warm feeling inside. Even when I’m not sleeping in a tent but inside my own bed and there’s a storm outside I sleep so good from the sound of the storm and the sound of the thunder.

  21. Have deck of cards, anything can happen…lovely sound of rain pelting down…making lovely memories in these lovely times…like Audrey Hepburn sang,
    “Ahhhhh, wouldn’t it be lovely!”

  22. I also like the sound of rain on a roof. I especially like it when it rains once you’re in your bed and ready to sleep. Switch off the lights, be comfortable and enjoy the sound of rain on your roof. AWESOME

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