#791 Getting the armrest at the movie theater

It's there for the takingMovie theatres sure are trying.

Let’s see, they made the seats taller, screens bigger, cushions comfier, and gave cup-holders permanent status. They want us to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice, quiet evening in our perfect seats.

There’s just one problem, though: that armrest.

Yes, armrests are the only shared space between you and Hairy-Forearm Frank on your left or Pointy-Elbow Elaine on your right. And you can’t share that space, you can’t go halfsies, you can’t do a time share. People, there can be no softly rubbing elbows with a stranger during previews, are we agreed? And honestly, I don’t care how softly the rubbing is or how much you want a corner of that arm rest. Just don’t do it.

So really, we’re left with only one thing you can do, folks.

Get there early, eye your prize, and claim that space and claim it quick. Plant your sharp, bony elbows on both armrests and get ready for the most comfortable movie watching experience of your life.


31 thoughts on “#791 Getting the armrest at the movie theater

    1. They DO have armrests that fold back! They’re great for when you want to snuggle with a date.

      If they were really brilliant, they would install two armrests side by side. That way each person could have their own set of armrests. They would probably lose a couple seats in each row, but the theater patrons would be much happier.

      1. aw, I wish I had the luxury of folding armrests (it could be an awesome thing unto itself).

        The double arm rest idea has merit – in a perfect world there would be two cup-holders too (for left AND right handed people)

  1. I’d be satisfied if people just stopped talkin’ durin the flick. =) I think I could take an elbow for that. =)))))))))

    Besides… If you get there early and put both yer elbows there, who’s to say a crappy stranger won’t put theirs too? Until you give in and move yours. LOL However you’re probably right. Sorry. =)

  2. The cup-holders are another related dilemma. Having only one armrest means only one cupholder, and this can be awkward when you and the stranger next to you are clutching your drinks and eyeing it off.

  3. I have been to both a movie theater with double armrests, (two for each person) and a movie theater with the fold up armrests.
    Heaven does exist, you just have to look for it

  4. I’ve gotta say, I just started reading this because I was looking through websites nominated for Webbys – I wish I’d been reading this all along! Great blog! I’m sure it’ll make many a day start with smile…

  5. i’ve been to a theater with the fold up armrests (btw…GREAT for dates;)!hehe) but they do need a little light at the bottom of the cupholders,, cuz i frickinn hate it when i think the cup is in there and i drop it!!!

    :) <3 (:

  6. In some German movie theaters I’ve been to, they have about 5% of all seats as doubles without armrests, so you can cuddle with your someone special.


  7. I am usually lucky enough that I get at least one armrest for myself when I go to the movies. My boyfriend and I usually go during matinee times because the prices are cheaper and there are usually less people there. Plus, getting there early is a smart thing to do. I don’t think people actively go and search for strangers to sit next to unless they have to.

  8. Our theater has a late (9:15 – 9:45) showing on Saturdays that is barely attended. There are usually less than 10 people in the whole place. My wife and I take the front row center seats, and I get to use the armrest and cup holders for the seat next to mine. Stretch out and relax. I can put my popcorn down in the empty seat next to me if I want. Pure luxury. All for $4.00 a ticket!

  9. i always get the armrest. i dont think i think ‘oh, would the person next to me like to have it for once?’ oops… haha jj, im not giving up my habit of claiming the armrest! :D

  10. The couch; fire blazing on a great Canadian night. Perfect popcorn, control over sound sytem, rewind when you miss a line, have to pee, (or otherwise), no problemo…saves money too! Ya’ movie nights at home rule!

  11. I had someone try to bully me out of the arm rest this weekend at a showing of “The Help”. They came in late, and like a fool, said the two seats next to me were available. Never again. I put the arm rest down between us to give us more of our own space and to use. I took my arm off for a second and she tried to claim it. The moment she took it away again, it was mine. Bitch tried to elbow me off throughout the entire movie. Even went as far as putting her arm ON TOP of mine…told her to move it. She said “I fine, thank you” and refused to budge. What should I have done at this point? I refused to back down and had a somewhat numb left arm for a while after the movie was over.

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