#788 The first squeeze from a new tube of toothpaste

get-ready-for-a-fresh-squeezePlump and juicy, fat and full, a new tube of toothpaste holds a future full of hope and promise just behind its clean cap and dent-free logo. Yes, whiter teeth, brighter smiles, and a world without bad breath are just a few minutes of gentle scrubbing each day away.

And unlike a bag of chips or a box of Froot Loops, when you drop ninety-nine cents for a tube of the good stuff, it comes to you filled all the way to the top. And sure, while scraping out one final squeeze from a flat, worn out tube of Colgate is a great rush, that first squeeze from a new tube of paste is even better.

You barely need to squeeze it.


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24 thoughts on “#788 The first squeeze from a new tube of toothpaste

  1. I usually get to experience the “first squeeze”, because my wife is a really big fan of getting the last squeeze. So long after I’ve given up on trying to get anything out of that last tube with all the disgusting tooth paste goop on top, she’s still squeezing the last bit of toothpaste residue out. Meanwhile, I’m flyin’ high, living the good life of the easy-squeeze.

    Love it.

      1. You brush your teeth in the bedroom? No wonder it sounds dirty. You’ll get toothpaste all over your sheets!

  2. The best thing about this awesome entry is that you used Colgate as your toothpaste of choice. I have been a life long fan of Colgate toothpaste…wonderful blog you’ve got here.

  3. Related, although not sure how closely, to that special glug glug sound of a freshly opened bottle of wine as you pour the first glass…

  4. This is so true. Whenever I’m using a really old/used bottle of tooth paste I can’t stand it so I grab a new one and the fresh new squeeze is so refreshing.

  5. I use the Colgate whitening gel and I like that, with the first squeeze, the stripes are all still intact.

  6. “The first cut is the deepest”, ya’ I know, odd, but it’s what comes to mind!

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