#787 The extra time you get when the clocks roll back

Extra weekend coming right upBass thumping, heart pumping, joint jumping, it’s a buzzing Saturday night on the dance floor.

And nothing makes that party stronger or conga longer more than knowing Daylight Savings Time peels our clocks back an hour tonight and showers us all with some free weekend.

Yes, when you know three in the morning is going to spin back to two again, it’s a Free Pass to go waste a perfect hour with friends. So squeeze in some more video games, order off the menu at Drive-Thru, or dance an extra dance with Grandma at the wedding, because we all know you’ll get an extra hour of sleep anyway.

So after you spring forward don’t forget to fall right back, y’all. Cause there’s nothing so nice as living things twice.


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29 thoughts on “#787 The extra time you get when the clocks roll back

  1. I’m sorry, but there’s something about your writing that is really disagreeable. I like the premise of this website. I like chips in my sandwhich, and the hour I get back with Daylight Savings time. But your blog is making me queasy. It’s like watching something embarrassing happen to a character in a movie and it makes you cringe. I have that feeling all over.

    1. It is a wonderful feeling to read this blog everyday ( miss it on the weekend). I find the writing style & the writer’s ability to describe the ” everyday awesome” things absolutely amazing.

  2. I agree with the sentiment, but the posting would have been better timed to 1st week of November when we actually do “fall back”.

  3. please dont listen to the clown below! everyday this blog makes me laugh and its specifically due to your writing. well done and keep up the good work. oh and on the flip side, losing an hour of sleep is on the 1000 terrible things list

  4. Has anyone else considered if you could commit a crime in the double hour and establish an alibi for the exact same time? No? Just me? Ok, moving on.

  5. I love this website and all of these awesome things! I had to comment today to say that while anyone could merely rattle off a list of awesome things, it takes someone special to capture the exact feeling of awesomeness that you do so brilliantly every day. I would venture to say that reading this blog makes me feel the OPPOSITE of queasy all over – more like wrapped in a snuggly warm fabric softener scented blanket all over. It just makes me happy to be alive :) Thanks!

  6. Don’t listen to the guy at the top. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Maybe he takes things a little serious. Keep up with the AWESOME THINGS. Makes my day.

    I agree that extra hour is awesome, but you what sucks is when you loose an hour!

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    thanks :)

  8. Ah, youth! When you’re young, it’s an extra hour to party, but now that I’ve crested the hill of life, I really love getting an extra hour to SLEEP.

    (Stan: be a lover, not a hater.)

  9. I think Stan was trying to be ironic.

    BTW, everyone that loves this blog…please take the time to vote for it for a Webby.

    It only takes a few minutes and Neil gives us so much and it is a great way of saying thanks.

    Don’t make Freddo have to come down to your place of business and give you trouble.

  10. Even better is when the clocks roll forward.

    Sure, technically you have an hour less to sleep and you have to get up to go to school/work/what-have-you earlier, but you get off of school/work/what-have-you an hour earlier than what it would normally be.

    And the satisfaction of knowing that = fantastic. ;)

  11. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly liked reading everything that is written on your blog.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

  12. I do enjoy that extra hour!

    I’m from Indiana. We didn’t do DST until 2006. I’d visit my grandmother in South Carolina, and sometimes I had to change my watch and sometimes I didn’t. But I never understood why, I thought I misremembered doing it (or not) at the last visit.

    Then I went college in New Orleans. I will never forget the first time my friends told me to change my clock. I thought they were lying. Who goes though the house and changes all of the clocks???? They finally had to call the dorm mother to convince me I really had to do this. And I had to call my mother to convince them we really didn’t do it in Indiana. Good times.

    Later, I lived in northern Indiana (which didn’t do DST) but ran classes in Michigan (which did.) There was one memorable occaision when I was VERY LATE to proctor an 8-hour exam, because I forgot. They were NOT understanding at all.

  13. When I can really remember, deep down in my soul, the first time it clicked in as to what this was going to mean, it “Feels like the first time”, every time and this is SENSATIONAL!

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