#785 Falling asleep in the backseat of a car late at night on the drive home

Moonlit skies, stained plush seats, and a quietly revving engine combine to form a perfectly cozy late night bed on the long drive home.

Whether you’re a baby in a carseat, a teen getting a lift from the party, or Grandma cabbing home from Bingo, there’s nothing like drifting into dreamland in that rusty Volvo on the slow and swervy country back roads.

Yes, those tires rumble over empty lanes as headlights pop up over hilltops, warm your eyelids, then whoosh past, leaving the entire car dark except for the faint glow from the distant dashboard clock.

And if you’re little and you’re lucky, you might even score the Bonus Version Super-Finish at the end of the trip, which includes pre-wearing pajamas under your winter coat and getting carried up to your bed by mom or dad after pulling into the driveway.

Now that’s service.


The dream

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39 thoughts on “#785 Falling asleep in the backseat of a car late at night on the drive home

  1. these is even better when you are an adult. except i do not expect to be carried into the house at the end.

  2. I never imagined how cool it would be to be the parent that carries that super sleepy, pj pre-wearing child up to bed. When they nuzzle in close to stay warm… Awesome!

    1. Truly! Being the parent carrying a sleepy child in from the car was even better than my memories of being carried when I was little. There aren’t many things I miss about the days when my children were that small, but that’s one of them.

  3. That picture is AWESOME!

    It looks like that milk shake was pretty strong stuff, and really knocked the kid out. It also looks like he’s got his hand tucked in there “Al Bundy-style”. He’s just drifted away, dreaming about all the cute kindergarden cuties that have a crush on him when he rocks that cool army-surplus cap.

    1. Freddo, I really think you should write. That’s the only way to safely unleash your imagination…I can already imagine that awesome movie by Freddo : Milk Shake Power !

  4. Sometimes, I used to wake up just as we were driving into the neighborhood and up the driveway. I would pretend I was asleep and wouldn’t wake up so my parents would have to carry me up to bed. …and of course I already had my PJs on. definitely awesome!

  5. Yeah, it’s great when it happens in the backseat. But just try it in the driver’s seat! You get arrested, interrogated, and called a monster by some scumbag piece of garbage who says you killed her son! And you know that didn’t happen, because you can’t remember it!! Totally unfair!

  6. My mother must have driven me around when I was younger in order to get me to sleep, because I do this All The Time.

    This blog is awesome, by the way!

  7. What a wonderful memory. The feeling as a kid when you´re suddenly so tired that you can´t seem to keep your eyes open any longer and just black out in the car. Thanx for the reminder!

  8. It’s best when you’re on a long, hour plus drive, and you fall asleep immediately. Then, upon waking you realize you’re home. PERFECTION.

  9. One of my all time favorite Peanuts cartoons dealt with just this. Linus asked Charlie Brown what security was and CB said it was falling asleep in the backseat of the car, being carried inside by your parents and waking up the next morning in your bed without remembering how you got there.

  10. Add the unbeatable acoustics of a 1977 Olds Cutlass Supreme (with those crazy 2-way 4×10 speakers in the back) playing “Walk Like An Egyptian” on an FM station – while fading in and out of consciousness. Someone carried me in the house but it definitely wasn’t my parents, and it wasn’t my house either…

  11. My parents used to have to drive me around the block a few times when I was kid. Now I have a horrible habit of falling asleep in cars no matter what.

  12. this is totally AWESOME! I used to fake sleep after a long car ride so that my dad would carry me in the house. I’m sure he knew I was faking it, but he thought it was awesome too.

    1. i admire you.. i would like to try doing fake sleep too. How old are u ? i am 16years old, do u think my parents can carry me.. i am average size.

      its so awesome

  13. would you please tell me how awesome to sleep on couch or backseat and being carry to bed every weekend..i wish my daddy can carry me too.

  14. yea worst parts wen uve soundly drifted off into a comfy sleep n u get woken up wen u reach home. Then u just blindly trudge to the front door, impatiently wait as keys jingle and the doors unlocked and finally, collapse on the living room couch right away!!

  15. It’s worse when your in the middle….. You kinda pull you feet up more then you turn your body to the side and you have your neck against the seat. But man oh man when you wake up your neck hurts soooo bad!

  16. Hey u guys are saying the negative outta this. Just remember when u were a kid okay? Even if u weren’t carried into the house by your dad, just think how good it woulda felt to be able to have an extra pair of legs for a couple of minutes! Awesomest thing ever.

  17. Slept in our nice spacious Reclining back seat on a long evening drive to my brothers and greated with a baileys on arrival! AWESOME!

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