26 thoughts on “#781 Guys who wear no shirts at cold sporting events

  1. let’s just change this one to guys who wear no shirts. period. still awesome.
    unless it’s the ranter formerly known as dave apparently.

  2. I’ve done this at a few cold games, surrounded by a few buddies. If you’re wearing a hat and gloves, it doesn’t feel all that cold. It’s kind of unconventional, but hey, it’s a guy thing. It can be fun. Just watch out for hypothermia and frostbite!

  3. I remember one home game up in Boulder and it was raining/snowing and like 33 degrees out. Me and about 15 of my buddies were all drunk on Hurricanes and shots of Everclear mixed with peach schnapps. We decided to take our shirts of, thinking it was a good idea, and we got on the big screen at the game like 20 times. That was the only game in four years in college that I got on the big screen. Oh college :)

  4. I love how this incredibly awesome thing is showcased by a picture at a Packer game. Love it! I think one of the funniest things about guys who don’t wear shirts in cold weather is the guys who are a little bit larger who draw weird things on their gut.

  5. Cheeseheads! I love how that picture is of Packers Fans. That makes my day. This is how dedicated we are to the team :D

  6. k if the guys are gay then (bad) and if there fat (bad) but if it is a chick then yummmmmmm (good)!!!

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