#780 Squeezing through a door as it’s shutting without touching it

Tiny squirts of adrenaline pump into your bloodstream when you pull off this classic move.

Yes, suddenly you morph from Guy Walking To The Subway After Work into Indiana Jones In That Scene Where He Slides Under The Wall At The Last Second. Your hands stay clean, your strut stays mean, and you zip through that closing door and don’t look back, hoping it doesn’t nail an old lady in the face behind you.



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71 thoughts on “#780 Squeezing through a door as it’s shutting without touching it

    1. i thought i was the only one to also another thing is jumping and touching that high sigh in a supermarket or wallmart

      1. I do that all the time. xD Everyone stares at me all the time when I do it in school and all.

          1. lol i thought that was my thing, like, cool kid, emo kid, kid that doesnt touch doors =], and i kick them open too!!! so fun

  1. This is one of those little challenges that guys partake in. It’s up there with using any item within your reach to help you get the remote control without actually having to get up.

  2. I tried this recently at school. Not only did I not quite make it through, but the doors were heavier than I expected, and it was something of a struggle to free myself.
    I made up for it later by successfully jumping through closing bus doors. Bonus points: the bus was already moving, and the bus driver called me “Indiana Jane”.

    1. Pretty sure if someone called me ‘Indiana Jane’ it would absolutely make my life. That’s my new goal.

        1. I think we are all probably aware the Indiana Jones’ name is Henry Jones(Jr, I might add). I assume the bus driver in question was just trying to be cute and I think anyone complimenting my by inferring that I was in any way similar to Indiana Jones should not be subjected to a lesson in the history of the films.

    1. Ya, it’s insanely rude when the person in front of you does this. But, if there’s no one behind you then it is epic awesome.

  3. This sure is awesome, and I just did it today!
    This is my absolutely favourite post for awhile!

  4. Other people do this too? Wow, I thought I was the only one. This is one of my favorite posts since this website began. Without a doubt my favorite website: every morning I check my email, the weather, and what’s awesome today.

  5. I have a suggestion for a future ‘awesome thing:’ When you get to that place in a really long book where the pages just fall open.

    When you’re just starting or just finishing, you always have to hold the book down to keep your page, and the size of the book renders page weights obsolete. But, once you hit that beautiful stretch of frontage in the middle, the pages just sit there- no hands required.

    Wait for it… persevere through those first chapters…


  6. I did that as a kid and thought it was cool.

    …teachers that taught me weren’t cool. I was singing “Getting Better” Sgt. Pepper album (1967) Woooooo

  7. Going through the door is always fun, but a subway door is a whole other thing. Running to catch a subway, and then sliding in at the last second is so much better than any door. You gotta feel accomplished for catching that early train.

  8. I am glad I came to your site. Just joined and I think I am learning and what and what I may need to do to spice up my site.

  9. i do this a lot too, however now that i’m an adult, i think that it causes people to think i am rude because by doing so I’m not holding the door for the people behind me.

  10. I love doing this.

    also apparently i’ve walked behind people and they don’t realize i’m there, and get startled. even though i made no special effort to be sneaky.

  11. This is a right of passage in Middle School.
    At least it was for me back in the day. :)

  12. this is awesome!
    here’s a suggestion for the list:

    ####Pushing the door just enough so it closes easily.

  13. Those narrowing spaces between door and jamb are especially fun to shimmy through in a sexy way while my husband is watching ;-)

    Neil: Thank you for your blog, and your book. You may have been staggered by how both have taken off — and it makes perfect sense to me. Your blog and book are compendiums of delight that are never malicious. You truly celebrate the blessed ordinaries and the singular treats that can make our day and be remembered for a lifetime … Snow Days! Bakery smells! The smell of ditto-machine ink! Photosynthesis!

    I read once a book review (can’t recall which) that called a book “juicy and joyous.” Your *Book of Awesome* is juicy and joyous … and it’ll never stop being added to, because everyone’s experienced Awesome in one way or another …

    Thanks for this gift :-)

  14. Oh yes! I do this all the time. Ok, maybe not all the time, but as often as I can get to do it.

    All this while I thought I must be the only person to get a thrill out of such silliness. But hey, here are a bunch of other people who love doin’ it too!

    Great blog, buddy! Keep up spreading the happiness!


  15. dude, It’s even better when you sqeeze thru the door and it slams right in the person’s face behind you. ONLY if it’s a close friend though. It’s the opposite of awesome if you do it to a stranger

    That makes my day


  17. I love this app and this is so true I do it all the time. And after you so it you look Around to see if anyone saw it!!¡

  18. Also the awkward moment when you try to do it and you’re carrying a bag or back pack and you end up not being able to do it or get stuck. Happened to me too many times already. :/

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