#776 When you’re watching one of your favorite movies and you realize you don’t remember how it ends

grab-a-bite-and-have-a-seatYou know the feeling.

Your favorite characters are introduced, the story kicks off, but then a couple plot twists and turns seem a bit unfamiliar. Suddenly it dawns on you: you have no clue how the movie wraps up. No, you can’t remember who the killer is, who dies, or if the cats ever get married. You can’t remember the ending at all and you’re loving every minute of it.

Yes, you dim the lights, snuggle under the blanket, shush up your chatty husband, and stay glued to that screen.

Because it’s like hey, guaranteed blockbuster.


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31 thoughts on “#776 When you’re watching one of your favorite movies and you realize you don’t remember how it ends

  1. You know what’s awesome?
    Realizing this site is Torontonian.
    I knew there was a reason why I loved my hometown.
    Thanks for making every day awesome.

  2. I’ve done the thing where you pick up new, important details on re-watching, but I never forget the entire ending.


  3. Ditto, Ian. I can enjoy a rewatch if I really enjoyed the movie and even pick up on a few unnotived details (especially in animated features – I think those are just rich!). However, I rarely forget an ending. Sorry, I’m part of the tough crowd.

  4. Sadly, you will find this happens more and more as you get older. This occurs because:
    a) you have way more movies in your brain-bank to keep track of
    b) your brain-bank’s fact retrieval system starts suffering some serious system failures
    Or, it could just be:
    c) you probably fell asleep half way through it last time, so you never saw the end in the first place.

    1. Sadly ??? I look forward to stage one Alzheimer’s. Imagine, I don’t remember any Simpsons episodes, and if they rerun one two weeks from now I will see a new one once again. How cool is that !


    1. It’s not one of my favorite movies, but I’ve seen My Best Friend’s Wedding at least six times and every single time (since the first time, of course), I have totally been on pins and needles trying to remember what happens! I can never remember who ends up getting married in the end.

  5. Awesome. I do this more often than most – I tend to fall asleep towards the end and dream the rest, so the next time I watch it is a new surprise!

  6. This has never happened to me; however, it does happen with some books I enjoy. I’m an Agatha Christie reader, and I love opening up a familiar mystery and realizing I’ve forgotten who did it. :>)

    1. Same here :)
      And people keep asking me how it’s possible to consider whodunits interesting after reading them already.

  7. I doubt you’d forget how your FAVORITE movie ends, but you could definitely forget how some great movies end. Watched the Usual Suspects again a few weeks ago and while I remembered the ending, forgot about all the twists that happened during the movie!

  8. Thanks for this entry! I thought it was just me, and I was getting early-onset alzheimer’s because I often forget the plot and endings of books and movies. I like to think that by forgetting, I’m actually saving brain space!

  9. All those who enter a comment just to criticize
    the topic, I think you should not waist you time accessing 1000awesomethings, since you cannot enjoy the good side of life, which appears to be the go of this blog.
    I believe that when you say you forget the end of your favorite movies, it means you do not fully remember it, details and stuff. I also believe that most people got it.
    But yes, as pointed before by someone, it tends to happen as you get older, but it’s part of life.

  10. This is even better in book form, if you can resist the urge to go to the back and take a peek, which is followed by the flooding of memories returning every twist and turn of the novel.

  11. This sort of happened just this last weekend. We were watching the Celtics as they lost to Cleveland in the last minutes of the game, and then it started replaying – the whole game. I made a bet with a buddy who had just showed up. Darn it – who would have thought the Celts would lose twice in a row?

  12. I usually don’t like watching movies a second time, no matter how good they are, unless someone is watching it for the first time with me. So it’s a real treat when I just happen to forget how it ends. Or even better, when I forget I ever watched it and the story comes back only a bit at a time, so I spend the next two hours thinking, “oh, yeah, now I remember.”

  13. I have two favorite programmes/movies where I have that for.
    Namely with “The bold and the beautiful” and “Familie”.
    It’s very anoying.
    And specially when my mum asked me what is happend in the programme.
    I do have a trick: I look again to teletext and I remember it me again

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