#775 When someone holds your keys and wallet in their purse

Thanks, Bag LadyHey, nobody likes walking around with big bulging pockets. So today let’s give thanks to the Bag Ladies of the World for their giant purses and free storage.


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45 responses to “#775 When someone holds your keys and wallet in their purse

  1. Brooke

    Oh, this is a great site, I’m loving it.

  2. Meg

    I’m not much of a purse kind of girl, so it’s totally awesome when I can dump my keys/wallet in someone else’s bag.

  3. Mia

    My brother does this all the time, I hope he realizes how AWESOME! I am for doing it xD

  4. CalChris

    Searching for a girlfriend for this very reason.

  5. Laura

    I always end up carrying other people’s stuff in my gigantic purses.
    My favorites are:
    – when i hold stuff for my girl friends. They don’t even need a purse, as long as I’m around.
    – my dad. Because frankly, I trust myself carrying his wallet and cell phone more than I trust him with it.

    Also it’s nice to always have EVERYTHING on hand. Bottle of water? Check. Chapstick? You bet. Book, gum, pens, snacks? I got it all in my purse!

  6. Era

    Seeing that no one is willing to rent the space, I carry as small a purse as possible. Sorry guys.

  7. I’m the bag lady – my purse is HUGE. (How else can you carry everything you need, including a laptop?) My boyfriend is the dude with keys and a wallet and a book that subtly slips them into my purse. :)

  8. With my boyfriend, it’s totally the opposite! He’s the one who takes my wallet and keys in his pockets when I don’t want to take my purse :P

  9. Jenn Hendrickson

    I call my purse a Carpet Bag! I tend to lose most things that go into it. When I bring it, I usually end up carrying my husband’s wallet and sunglasses – and water, sometimes. Other times, he’ll be awesome and carry my keys and ID if we’re going somewhere that I don’t want to bring mine.

  10. jdurley

    In the 70’s there was a game show where one of the games involved the host going into the audience, and asking a lady if she had some random object in her purse. Sometimes it would be fairly normal, like a paperclip, but I remember once it was a hard boiled egg – and someone had one!

  11. I have always been amazed at how fast they can find things in their purses.. I can search for ten minutes for chapstick in my wife’s purse at not find it. Then she, while driving and talking on the phone, can blindly reach in and pull out the chapstick!? What the hell?


    • Freddo

      Unfortunately, my wife is the complete opposite. Her purses are enormous, and she can’t find a thing in them.

      I’ve literally watched her get a phone call, search through her purse for her cell phone (that was ringing loudly, mind you), and spend so long searching for it that she missed the call!


      But she does occasionally carry things for me, so as with everything else, she’s awesome!

  12. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Most are full of garbage, but this is really interesting – and useful too!

  13. My husband just shared your site with me, I think he’s hinting at me carrying his pocket loot in my big bag!! Love it.

  14. Ago

    Very awesome indeed. My wife now carries a diaper bag and of is even more awesome. I do want to note that finding what you are looking for (cell phone, keys) in a womans purse is like discovering goldin your backyard. One of my favourite posts!

  15. I love it when my wife does this for me lol!

  16. I do this but forget to ask for my stuff back sometimes.

  17. I do this alot, I carry around big bags with alot of room so sometimes I find myself carrying around alot of wallets for people! haha.

  18. Sal

    Whats awesome is pulling your blackberry out of your girlfriends purse at a boring function and reading this post!! It was amazing

  19. I always thank my wife for carrying in her bag my photo camera and my backup hard discs… :D

  20. LeekosAgrios

    Congratulations on your Webbie award!

  21. Logan

    What I really want to know is how to find that awesome orange purse! :)

  22. Annie

    My hubby got me a big bag for my birthday. I’m starting to realize why. He loves being pocket bulge free when I hold his keys & wallet in my bag.

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  24. Angie Woods

    Where is the male equivalent version to this? I LOVE giving my ca$h and cards to my male friends to put in their wallets, especially in the clubs when I want to be totally free of anything to hold. (My dresses wouldn’t have pockets, silly!)

  25. LiteratiTempo

    My BF loves this about me. He passes out his pocket booty to me so fast that it isn’t even funny. Sometimes he does so before we even step out the door, ensuring that it’s placed where he like it.

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  27. tish

    OMG i do this to my bff all the time. she ALWAYS carries a purse and i always just hand her my wallet, keys and chapstick without even thinking. why should i bring a purse when i KNOW she’s going to bring one and i don’t have that much stuff. i love it!

    ooo and she keeps gum in her purse.

  28. Nikki

    This can be dangerous. Some of my family members came into town this weekend and I put my keys in my cousins purse cause I didn’t want to bring one to the football game we were going to. Unfortunately I forgot they were in there until the next day when they were halfway home… (they live about 300 miles away)

    • hannah

      Yep, that happened to me a few weeks ago: during a movie, my boyfriend slipped his wallet in my purse and when I drove home later that night, it was still there. I live about an hour away, and the next day, I had to skip work to bring it to him, in rush hour traffic, since he had no gas and no way of getting any without a wallet. I was not a happy camper.

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  30. Mehreen

    I usually carry very little things with me but when a friend of mine accompanies me its very comfortable to give her the things and relax the fingers.

  31. wendywithaurora

    Trust and faith…Excellent friend!

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  33. Belinda

    Hahahaha, do this all the time!

  34. Rachel

    One time me and some friends went to the movies, and I and one of the other girls had a contest to see who could sneak the most food into the theater. We both brought giant purses, and it was so funny to see the shocked looks on the guy’s faces as we pulled out drinks, sandwiches, chips, cake, and ice cream for everyone. :)

  35. Laura

    This is great…it reminds me of that sensation of love and intimacy I’ve experienced just with my mother and my girlfriend (and makes me realise I actually miss it a bit)

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