#767 Getting the last copy of the video at the video store

at the end of the rainbowOh look, shoot, there’s a giant empty wall of Dark Knight DVD cases. Wait, wait, there’s one left in the corner!


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21 thoughts on “#767 Getting the last copy of the video at the video store

  1. I love this simple pleasure. The best was if the last video was hidden behind an empty plastic case, so everyone else missed it, but you or one of your friends noticed it at the last minute.

  2. Even better still is when someone in front of you looks under every empty case to no avail and JUST as they turn to move on the blue shirted hero places a newly returned copy back on the shelf. Love it!

  3. No wonder you found the last copy of “The Dark Night” … it was a cheap Chinese ripoff of “The Dark Knight” (pictured, above left)!

    I’d recommend you see the actual movie. It’s really good.

    1. Netflix is expensive. homelessgirl, maybe you should cancel your subscription and start saving for a down payment.

      1. Netflix is expensive??? I am on the one DVD at a time plan. I cycle through them pretty quickly, most weeks getting one on Wednesday and another on the weekend. That’s 7 – 9 per month for $9.53. Tell me where you rent them for less. Ha!!!

    1. You can get DVD’s there too. But I know what you mean, Net Flix, DVR tv, and the internet are crowding out the video store.


  4. I heard you on the radio yesterday and was really intrigued about your site. I think what you are doing is so cool! It’s really refreshing to see someone talk about the positive little everyday kinds of things that happen. Keep it up because it is totally awesome!

  5. I didn’t realize people still use the video store. I imagine these are the same people who still use sundials and ice boxes.

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