56 thoughts on “#765 Thinking it’s Thursday when it’s Friday

  1. Wow. This happens to me so freaking often its ridiculous. You are so right it is absolutely awesome.

    The problem is, in this case I thought it was Friday until right now. Got to run and get ironing…

  2. This is EASILY the best of the day mix-ups. I mean, a “thinking-its-Wednesday-when-its-actually-Thursday” is pretty good, because it’s like “Hey! One day closer to the weekend than I thought!” But this is like the king of day mix-ups, because you’re all ready to slug out a whole other day at the office, when all of a sudden you’re like “Wait!??! Friday! AWESOME! Weekend baby… here I come!!”

    Obviously, any day mix-up of the form “I thought it was day n, when it is actually day n-1” is the WORST.

    1. I have to disagree. Last week I thought it was Wednesday on a Friday, then BAM! week over. It’s like an unexpected 3-day work week.

      1. I think you misunderstood what Freddo was talking about. It would be like you thought it was Thursday when it actually was Wednesday and you would have more working days you thought.

        1. Colby was talking about the first part of Freddo’s words. It’s even better to think you’re two days behind friday than just one, unless you love your job.

  3. Obviously, any day mix-up of the form “I thought it was day n, when it is actually day n-1″ is the WORST.

    Except when you thing it’s Sunday but it really is Saturnday and you have one more holiday than you thought, which is just as awesome than thinking it’s Thursday when it’s Friday.

  4. But the best of all is waking up early on a dreary morning and starting the daunting task of getting ready for work.. and then you realise its a saturday! ^_^

  5. OMG…so good!
    Agreeing with Alice that equivalent would be, thinking it’s Sunday when it’s still Saturday.

    love the blog :)

  6. What a feeling it would be if you thought today was Thursday and then you also realized: “oh yeah, it’s a long weekend this weekend, isn’t it?” Too bad I was already well aware of both… oh well, as Daniel said “LONG WEEKEND!!!”

  7. This is amazing! Although I’ve also experienced the opposite – thinking it was Friday when it was actually Thursday. Now that’s just NOT joyous.

  8. What’s even more awesome was when you were a kid, and had the whole summer off, and generally didn’t know / care what day of the week it ever was!

  9. Wheww…Saw the site linked from some article or another as a webbie winner and just clicked across to check things out…Then spent the last how-ever-many days refusing to read the current days post until I caught up from 1000…Glad I did…This place is just a total fountain of grins…Thanks ever so much for all the concentrated…


    1. haha, noticed it the first time i came on here. But every time i see it it is still

  10. Not for me I’ve got friday’s off too in the summer. College Prez = Awesome just for that

  11. Interesting, no-one came up with ‘thinking it’s Monday but really it’s Sunday’ as being the best. I mean there are only so many permutations and this makes ‘thinking it’s day n when really it’s day n-1 is the worst’ a FAIL. I mean really, no-one thought of that? Why, is there some hole in our collective consciousness? Does that never happen so why go there?. This seems really weird to me.

  12. This just happended to me…waking up at 10:30 am on a Friday morning walking around the house thinking it’s Saturday, checking appointments in my cell phone calendar..BAM!!!, the calendar says, it’s Friday NOT Saturday..Double checked a few times thinking there might have been some thing wrong with my cell phone..NO the cell phone is correct, it’s Friday. The worst thing was to call in to work about the delay..The good thing was, not sure if it’s a good or bad sign, but my boss asked me take the day off and rest.

    Do you think I am loosing it or is this normal?

  13. this NEVER happens – it’s always the other way around.. i.e. thinking it’s Friday when it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

    Thinking it’s Sunday when it’s Saturday is quite common, however.

    1. except when you have a HEAP of homework and assignments to start… and theyre all due the next week. (actually what my current situation is like :( not awesome, at all.

  14. It is awsome when you’re ready to groan through Thursday then someone says ‘it’s Friday you doofus’ and then the whole day seems a little bighter. And when you get to tell someone else it’s Friday when they thought it was thursday or even Wednesday, and you get to see their face light up, it’s a magical moment. Sometimes the day mixup can be annoying though like this one week where everyday I woke up I thought it was Friday. Every. Day. It was torture.

  15. Wotcher!

    I always get excited when it’s Saturday but I think it’s Sunday… That’s my favourite behind having it be Sunday when I think it’s Monday!


  16. I always have the opposite happen to me :( and that thing of thinking its friday every day happened the other week as well. although once i thought it was thursday and my friend told me it was friday and i yelled out “YES ITS FRIDAY!” and the people in the canteen line beside me turned to stare… but it was worth it :D

  17. thinking it’s thusday and it’s tuesday, just happened to me this week, like never before!

  18. Commenting on this a couple of years late,
    just catching up guys, seriously why have i only just found this? and i know this feeling so well,

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