#762 The moment at a restaurant after you see your food coming from the kitchen and before it lands on your table

here it comesSomebody shushes, conversation hushes, and all eyes flicker with delight as you watch your sizzling, glistening meals cruise out of the kitchen and slowly descend in front of you.


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35 thoughts on “#762 The moment at a restaurant after you see your food coming from the kitchen and before it lands on your table

    1. And really, nobody debates that the food is a completely conversation ender, either. No matter what you’re talking about, it’s totally all over.

  1. even better when you come back from the bathroom to find your dish waiting for you at your chair. that should be it’s own awesome thing.

    1. With your friend smiling all fidgety, anxiously waiting for you to sit down so they can grab their fork and start shoveling?

  2. This is truly a great moment in the restaurant experience. Now you’ve got me wanting to head out for an exciting dining experience! Only 8.75 hours to go…

  3. We are also truly blessed if we live in a country where this is even possible !
    ( I love your Blog , btw! )

  4. It always feels like a dream. You wonder if your eyes aren’t blurry from desperate hunger, or if starvation is about to drive you nuts, but no, it’s real, it’s all yours. Yay!

  5. It’s better when you’ve been waiting too long. So after apologies from the waitress out walks The Chef with a sizzling steak in hand with apologies and drinks on the house. YES.

  6. haha, so true! I love your blog. Only just discovered it today and its awesome. It’s like you’re reading my mind!

  7. Ooooh, do you think that’s our food?…oh, no, that guy over there got the same thing…oooh, do you think that’s our food?…YESSS!…MMMM!

  8. Travelling in Peru at the moment. These moments really are great but some people have never experienced them so everyone that has is really lucky

  9. Sometimes I think the same thing after the meal, when another yummy entree comes floating by. I could eat again, yep.

  10. That’s so truely awesome…
    I remember the time when we check out food served on others table and our eyes pops out imagining about the food we have ordered. And finally when the time comes we see all things in slow motion we have our eyes spread out with warmth and our face glows and mouth watered. Awesome….

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