#759 Dropping a glass and then sticking your foot out so it hits your foot and doesn’t break on the ground

less graceful versionHey, now instead of a sharp, dangerous mess on your kitchen tiles, you’ve got a couple bruised toes, a complete drink set, and a giant, swelling feeling of


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61 thoughts on “#759 Dropping a glass and then sticking your foot out so it hits your foot and doesn’t break on the ground

  1. LOL – this is so true. Its only happened to me once. Usually unfortunately I am sweeping up the mess and finding fragments for weeks!

    I love what I am reading every day. This is such a great find and a wonderful read. Keep up the great work!

        1. the best thing about this website is the fact that you can laugh out loud and someone ALWAYS will look at you like a weirdo. some of these posts have me literally about to pee myself with laughter and my husband just stares at me from across the living room completely confused as to what brought on the laughing fit that is now controlling his wife…its the best!

          this fact is


  2. I am so good at this!

    I worked in a grocery store for years, and developed uncanny reflexes when it comes to knocking stuff off shelves and catching it.

    I’ve saved pickle jars, salsa jars, even jugs of milk this way.

  3. I don’t have the reflexes for this… if I drop something I’ll just go into a seizure-like flailing fit at 100mph, *trying* to catch it while it’s already on a one way trip to the floor. Oh well, maybe I’m fun to watch? :)

    Stumbled upon your blog and I love love love it … I love awesome things! :) Looking forward to more!

  4. Hahaha this is basically the only thing you have listed that I have neither done, nor heard of.


  5. Piece of piss, we all do this in England…. we haven’t broken a glass for 18 year now.

  6. I’m with Mr Cain… done this plenty.

    And yes, it is AWESOME!

    (I think it is a requirement of motherhood, or just a learned trait of a clumsy blonde :) )

  7. I do this all the time!!! When I read this post to my girlfriend her exact comment was `ok now hes getting a little crazy!!“`

    this one was AWESOME!

  8. AWESOME except when the plate breaks on your foot! I tried to save a roomate’s plate in college…. I had just taken it from the cupboard when it slipped and was headed for the floor. I put my BARE foot out to catch it and the plate broke when it hit my boney foot. I had to go to the emergency room to have them seal up the slice in my toe — with the equivilant of Krazy Glue no less!

    Yes, catching a glass or dish with your foot is AWESOME – with or without injuries. :)

    1. my reflexes weren’t so keen today i just knocked it off my mums favorite glass pepper grinder hit my foot still broke on the tile now my foot is bleeding…. Well off I go looking for a first aid website :)

  9. ah yes, been a foot saver for years now… gotta be careful about this in winter with cold feet though, especially on vulnerable parts… always worth it though to safe precious glassware!

  10. Love it! I have done this for years. Not sure if it’s from kickball or hackey-sack or what, but it’s saved a hundred things from breaking on the floor I’d bet!

  11. Yes! All my years of youth soccer have finally paid off in drinkware retention!

  12. I do this all the time and it has become a “natural” reaction when I drop/knock somthing over. The problem is realizing you’re doing it when you drop a hot iron and then quickly pulling your foot back away from it to avoid disaster.

  13. Another AWESOME post! I do this all the time. Now that our house has wood floors in the kitchen I also stick the foot out to prevent non-breakable things (i.e. like cans) from denting the floor!

  14. How about dropping a slice of your favorite fruit that you can’t afford to wait but to put it in your mouth. Dropping a plate, glass or a jar of something is not my thing anymore. I master this art. Now I am able to catch anything I eat, seeing as I am a very messy person I learned how to catch those favorite sclices of fruit…….AWESOME!

  15. hahaha i do this so much… i even do this to stuff like bags and whatever. i lay them on my foot, then lower my foot and kick’em off

  16. I remember the first time I did this. I don’t remember ever seeing anyone else do it. I don’t recall ever thinking about this as a plan. It just happened spontaneously. It surprised even me. Then I really did think… Wow, this is awesome.

  17. i love this blog and usually everything i read is something i consider to be awesome too, but i stuck my foot out once to catch a glass and i cut my leg because the impact broke the glass anyways !

  18. Love the kick-save. It has the potential to backfire though, if you’re not careful – once kicked my phone a bit hard- into the street.


  20. I must be the only bartender on here. I save your favorite bottles of liquor all the time. I attribute my skills to hackey sack, but it never stops me from telling people that i am a ninja from the waist down.

  21. Hot baked, warm and steamy, that basket lands on your table and heats up your whole evening So sniff it up, crack it open, and

    Treat your feet Come on, just look at them laying there in front of you as you relax in the backseat of the car Sure, you’re just loving it back there, your shaggy locks whipping with the wind

    #759 Dropping a glass and then sticking your foot out so it hits your foot and doesn’t break on the ground

  22. About two weeks ago I went for a glass of water at around 4:00 am. It slipped my hand and fell and trying to kick-save it actually made it bounce all around the kitchen and wake everyone =P

    And the glass broke like on the final bounce.

  23. Nothing like going for the foot save but then kicking what you were saving across the room, sometimes hitting pets, people, or other breakable objects. >.<

  24. I flail. and it’s really annoying when you catch it, set it down, and knock of the counter AGAIN.

  25. lol, this was my key maneuver at work. we sold plants in the summer, craploads of x-mas ornaments in the winter. I probably knocked the most off of trees and stands, but i’m the only employee who never broke any :)

  26. If only I had a dime for every time I should’ve, if only I could’ve, then I would’ve a whole lotta’ dimes!!!

  27. I always do this with my cell phone. (Or other potential breakable objects). It comes natural to me to do it and I don’t know why, but it sure does save a lot from potentially being broken.

  28. Well I have never had this happen but I know it’s awesome cause if I did happen my mom would be happy there is a full set of cups or whatever haha

  29. I haven’t been able to do that yet. Hoping I’m able to do it sometime in the near future so I can jump for joy. I play soccer so chances are that glass will hit the window and two things will break instead of one.

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