#758 Celebrating your pet’s birthday even though they have no idea what’s going on

Happy birthday, RustyAll they know is everybody’s snapping photos of them in a party hat and there’s a slice of cake in the food dish.


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45 responses to “#758 Celebrating your pet’s birthday even though they have no idea what’s going on

  1. What a field day it is for pets. Haven’t a friggin’ clue what is going on but all the perks. We used to give our dog a hamburg patty cake with wiener candles.

    Never tried the party hats though. Next pet for sure.

    • Brianna

      My dog is always in our way at Christmas, until we get to her presents. She’s learned that when we tell her ‘That one’s yours, Sophie!’ she gets to pull the tissue out of the bag and see what’s in there.
      Same thing with her birthday; she gets a little doggie cake and some kind of new toy usually.

      • My dog does the same but even after we give him his toys/chews he still hangs around. I think he enjoys everyones excitement and the sound of warping paper ripping lol

  2. It’s awesome for THEM. Mine usually shrug as usual and slink off to the dining room chair.

  3. tarasg

    I love this one! We had a join birthday party for my cat and my parent’s dog this year and everyone made fun us :)

  4. hahaha, this is one of my personal faves.

  5. Always seems like a great idea to let them eat cake… until their poo is all over the living room rug.


  6. Amanda

    I def. have an upcoming birthday planned for my baby kitty who is turning 1! Good times!

  7. Stina

    Haha, dude, that’s just weird!

  8. This is a GREAT one. I always think it’s so funny when I celebrate my pet’s b-day and she has no idea why we’re all acting so silly. I actually wrote a post about her today which you might find interesting. You can check it out here: http://www.positivelypresent.com

  9. This is awesome, in fact my friend just had a dog birthday party on sunday.

  10. PMedGuy

    My dog always ges McDonald’s French Fries!!!! He loves them!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pets get more perks it seems than I do.

  12. PB

    I love this one! We had a join birthday party for my cat and my parent’s dog this year and everyone made fun us :)

  13. I take tons of pix of my pets. They are patient :)

  14. PB

    I def. have an upcoming birthday planned for my baby kitty who is turning 1! Good times!

  15. Will

    This is not Awesome…just kinda sad :(

  16. i love my dog. a little celebration of the day he was born seems appropriate. i don’t do birthday cake though…i make him a home made hamburger shaped like a bone and gently iced with a bit of peanut butter…this year instead we celebrated with a boston terrier get together (he played with about 30 other bt’s and then we went to the off leash for a friendly dog meetup where he played with his other friends. then home to his people and to sleep like a pampered pouch in a queen sized, pillow topped bed snuggled under a down filled duvet…lol

    gotta love a furkid…they are AWESOME!

  17. we did this for our beagle’s second birthday. we always take an annual photo but this was the first and only year where he got a proper party.

  18. oh, and as a matter of fact his birthday is this coming tuesday! but he ain’t getting no party!

  19. Looks just like our Dog at home…great post. My favorite

  20. veggiegirl

    my pup (Captain Rockstar McScruffle-Muffins) doesn’t have a birthday, he was a stray so we don’t know when he was born. We use the day he was adopted as his ‘birthday’ and mark it with table-scraps, walkies, and wrestling with teddy bears (basically just like every other day)

    also, giving your pets ridiculous names should be an awesome thing

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    • Lucky Eye

      It’s all right. I use Google chrome too. And somethings changed, but one way to fix is Ctrl + or –
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      Lucky Eye

  23. Ted

    Dude! We used to take my mom’s dachshund out for soft-serve ice cream on her birthday!

  24. rachel

    I’ve owned several boxer dogs and I’ve spent a lot of time applying various boxer training techniques and the one that actually worked was praising my boxer.

  25. Bahaha.
    I laughed so hard at this when I saw it because that is such a thing that I would do.
    Even when it’s not their birthday, I throw them a party just to thank them for being them.
    My bunny loves all the extra attention :P

  26. emmy

    haha, we had a party for our dog jack this year. Well we dont know when his actual birthday is, so we celebrate on the day we ‘inherited’ him. This year we wrapped up a big bone and he ripped the paper off it then took it to a corner in our back yard like he always does with his food. :D

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  28. I’ve done this for my cat for every one of the fourteen birthdays that I was living at home for, and when she turned fifteen and I moved off to college, I made my parents do it for her anyway! I might just come home that weekend this year, her sixteenth, since we share a birthday anyway…

  29. Amie

    my dog actually unwraps his. (well, i hold one end, say, “Come on Buddy, present time!” and he tears the wrapping paper into strips with his teeth, then proudly snags his present and trots off to the corner to guard it from my aunt’s wiener dog) and on his birthday we take him to McDonalds :P

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  31. wendywithaurora

    I’m pretty sure I’ve treated all my dog’s fairly well, but have not celebrated their birthday’s and now I hope they don’t feel less loved! That would not be good at all:(

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  35. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  36. paola

    my pet turttle is having her birthday on march and i don’t know what to do for her .. have any ideas?

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