#756 Getting the booth side of a restaurant table

Whip by the seats near the bathroom, skip past the table in the middle of the floor, and score that nice private pad in the corner. Plump, squishy boothseat on one side and hard, plastic chair on the other.

You know what to do.


you know which side to takePhotos from: here

29 thoughts on “#756 Getting the booth side of a restaurant table

    1. Awfully kind, big tune lover. But hey, at least you score quicker access to the bathroom and you don’t have to sit beside a purse and a pile of coats.

    2. a chivalrous gentleman wouldn’t bitch about it at all. Self pity is not something that crosses his mind.

  1. Totally the opposite on this one! :) I don’t like sitting on the booth side at all (yes, I’m pretty much alone in this), but I guess that frees up more awesomeness for the others I’m dining with. Glass half full!

    1. im so friggin short so i hate the booth side-which my husband will ALWAYS request-because i cant scoot in to get close to the table,its frustrating and i end up sitting on the high spot on the lip of the booth seat…buried under the coats and purses and random electronic devices

      1. Absolutely. I dislike booths. You don’t have freedom of movement, and I can never sit back against the backrest if I want to reach the table. I have to sit right up on the edge of the seat. I like chairs I can move around.

      2. I am not a fan of the booth/unmovable table combo for the opposite reason — I always end up with the table edge digging into my stomach.

  2. what’s even better is when your boyfriend (or girlfriend or whomever your with) PREFERS the crappy chair.

    my boyfriend is so lovely wonderful<3

  3. I am also on the opposite of this. I just find it too inconvenient in case you need to get up for a phone call, to the bathroom, things like that. Usually friends and i go to places and end up being there for a while, and i need to get going. I hate asking people to get up while they’re eating.

  4. Extra bonus is that you don’t have to worry about people walking behind you and knocking into or spilling on you.

  5. At the fast food place that I work, the best booth that we have is the “corner booth.” There’s two of them situated in the lobby, one on the far left and the other on the far right. The one on te right allows you to get a good full view if the lobby and is the customer corner booth. The other one shields you perfectly from the cameras and from any entering customers. Us employees use that one to pass free time and enjoy lunch without the customers seeing us in uniform while we’re on break and asking us if we could take their order. It’s the best booth in the entire place for us; you should see how disappointed we get when we cruise on past the drink machines with our lunch in hand just to see the booth occupied by customers. Haha

  6. Love dem booths! I always grad dat ish first and laugh at them suckas wiff dat chair. Holla at me biznatches!

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