43 thoughts on “#752 When the public toilet seat is clean

  1. Once in a great while, I enter a public washroom right after it’s been cleaned. That kind of good fortune could turn any day into a happy one.

  2. i’d love to know the thought process of people who go all over the seat and leave it there. that’s more disgusting than anything else, considering its inconsiderateness.

    1. If someone else is coming out of a stall and I’m going in and they just did that then I leave the bathroom immediately (to go to another one) and say, “Thanks for detailing the seat for me” or “Don’t sit on your desk chair, I just peed on it when you got up.”

      These are usually the same people who fake washing their hands by putting some water on them. It gives other people the illusion that you cleaned your hands without having to invest all that time in actually cleaning them with soap.

      1. Sometimes it’s not fair to the ones that have to use an already soiled toilet because the person after them thinks that they’ve done it!

  3. I’m pretty much not a fan of public restrooms, but there is definitely something AWESOME about the seat being clean if it’s necessarily to go in one. Another awesome thing to make me smile!

  4. I wish they would all play music in the bathrooms. I hate when it is quiet and you can hear what everyone is doing.

    1. dude SO TRUE holy SHIT.

      I get all self conscious about the length of a piss I take LOL… it’s so awkward hearing the dude finish, then squeeze out a few more drops afterwards, cause it’s so vivid in your mind…

    2. I’ve been in this one REALLY nice bathroom in an Italian restaurant that plays this weird tape of this woman and a man speaking Italian and English so can learn Italian while you pee. It’s called awkward multitasking. Thankfully, even though the restaurant is big, there is almost never anyone actually in there.

  5. Agreed! It’s only happened to me once where the public restrooms were clean (thanks Chicago airport) but I look forward to the day when it happens again.

      1. Why does everyone have to call each other retarded? It’s a medical term and calling someone who did something stupid “retarded” is hugely offensive to people who actually are mentally retarded. So quit it! Just use stupid or dumb or whatever.

  6. jdurley? Where are you to add this to the tally?

    I’ve been out of the country of vacay for a couple of weeks, so I’m just starting to get caught up on what I’ve been missing around here.

    1. hahahaha i was just thinking either of you two ought to have commented by now… although i ought to have commented by now, but i only found the site a few months back.

  7. This is the best. Did you know there is supplies closet in every bathroom at fallsview casino. They have really clean toilets! Oh and I love floor to ceiling stall doors.

  8. This is so true. I hate public restrooms and when I have no choice but to go in one, I go in dreading the worst. It’s such a pleasure to go into one that appears clean. It’s positively amazing if it’s also nicely decorated.

  9. When the public toilet seat is still warm in winter since last person left. It’s awesome!

    1. ew >.< i think thats the worst. like lying down on the couch and the place where u put your head is still warm from being sat on. XP

  10. I LIVE to be the first person to use a clean toilet…the pink cleanser left in the bowl is the color of happiness :o)

  11. you people actually SIT on public toilet seats? gross, much? clean or not clean, i’ll happily hover.

  12. So true! Guys you would be surprised how dirty girls toilets can get.
    Girls, you need to make sure you flush that bloody toilet water.

  13. Had a fearful experience in a movie theater restroom. I didn’t see the Cubicle of Horror myself but the running commentary by the employee who had to deal with it was, somehow, more terrifying than seeing it myself. Sorta like German Expressionist cinema.

  14. So, I walked into my office Ladies Room today and the seat was up (the cleaning crew does this) and it smelled like cleaning product in there. I thought – Awesome! Freshly cleaned public restroom.

    Sure enough, you already thought of this one =)

    I love the book and how it’s got me, my family, and friends smiling more at awesome things.

  15. I was at Big Lots and I really had to go. I was thinking “Gross, the bathroom is probably filthy in a place like this!”. I tried holding, but I couldn’t do it anymore. When I finally went in, the room was sparkling and smelled of strawberry air freshener. It was truly awesome!

  16. Who would’ve known, you could write a lovely poem…
    all about a toilet?
    Neil Pasricha, ’cause he thinks of everythinga…
    he’s about as clever as they gets!

  17. oh my good this is so awesome, but How can you know it’s clean, except you take a sample and do ten days test in a lab!
    I already feel awesome when I can find a public toilet in The Netherlands and make sure I have 50 cent coin (T_T)! A toilet it’s a rare thing here!

  18. Yeah if I ever leave something on the seat, I always clean it off! I hate it when it happens to me!

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