53 thoughts on “#743 Taking your high heels off at the end of the night and walking home in bare feet

  1. That is such a great feeling. Your feet just feel so great when they are able to escape those high heels that have had them trapped and tortured for hours!

  2. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. Like. Really. Like…
    THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME FEELING IN THE WORLD! It’s true. So true. I can’t fathom how true this just is.

  3. AH! I did this at my college graduation last month! I wore heels, expecting less hiking around the stadium and campus than what actually happened. I jumped on the pedestrian trail home and carried my shoes the entire way there– most relief I’ve ever had from taking shoes off, even tough my feet were as black as tar!

  4. Oh my goodness, that IS awesome. There is nothing else like that feeling. I want to take my heels off right now.

  5. BEST FEELING EVER! Also can be quite dangerous, as I was once walking down Sunset Boulevard in bare feet and got a piece of glass stuck in my foot that stayed with me for MONTHS. Be careful, ladies!

  6. Heh. I have never experienced this particular one, but I have seen that particular brand of relief in the faces of my female friends after a wedding or something.

    I guess it’s similar to the glorious feeling of taking off ice skates and stepping into soft winter boots.

  7. The taking off the shoes part IS awesome – but dunno about the walking home bit – that can be quite dangerous.
    BUT if walking home involved cutting through a park and you get to walk on freshly cut grass, then… mmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Why does it have to be high-heels. Can’t it be any shoe, boot or whatever. When I take my boots off after work I am sure it feels just as good as the missus who takes her heels off!

  9. Yes! Also, if you happen to be wearing nylons, taking off your nylons, throwing them in the trash, THEN walking home (or through the hotel bar) in bare feet. This frequently happens to me at weddings.

  10. Taking off a pair of non-broken-in heels feels good, but mine are all fairly well-loved.

    What I want to know is where can I get those heels in the picture? They’re CUTE!

  11. That is the absolute best!

    I took my high heels off after the walk down the aisle so that I could enjoy dancing the rest of the evening.

  12. it is indeed comforting to remove your heels when your feet hurt bad and even if they don’t and just unwind !!! and its even better when your holding hands with your lover and walking down a beach !!! nothing comes closer…….

  13. As much as I love the feeling of taking off my shoes at the end of the night, even better is taking off an underwire bra!! When you’re finally done and get into the car and know you don’t have to be anywhere else in public – just a little snap here, a little arm there… and you & your ladies are finally free!!

  14. There was a chick who actually died in result of taking her high heels off. A puddle of water, a metal pole and electrical cables were also in the equation. (The only reason she stepped in the puddle was to lean against the metal pole to take her shoes off…)

  15. This pretty much sums up my 21st birthday. That, and falling asleep to Family Matters while still in my dress. Awesome.

  16. hahah this is so funny…for me I always think the best feeling in the world is getting to wear your brand new heels…but by the end of the night the best feeling is acctually getting to take them off!!

  17. Sometimes I want to go barefoot. So I will bring high heels just to give me an excuse. Most of the time if you are barefoot people get mad. However if you are holding heels, people tend to forgive.

  18. I rarely walk barefoot because I can’t walk flat footed. If I don’t wear heels, I have to walk tip toe. But at the end of the day, right before crawling into bed, it does feel good to finally take them off.

  19. I’ve had to give up on high heels except for very special occasions and sex. Too painful and dangerous. I kind of miss ’em sometimes, but I think I’m really just missing how good it felt when they came off.

  20. My sis says real women keep it strong and keep the heels on until they get home. I say to heck with that; I take them off. It’s comfortable; plus I have pretty toes. Unfortunately, she does not (and she’ll be the first to admit this.) I wonder if that has anything to do with her feelings on this subject…

  21. Did this a few years ago after a shopping spree where i wore these sexy high heel boots (they were brand new and i wanted to be a show off) and by the time i left the mall, i was so sore i couldn’t figure out how i was going to walk home (it was only a couple blocks so i decided against calling cab) and then figured, what the hell, so i took the boots off and walked home with hands full of bags and boots and stocking feet. I’m pretty sure every car who passed me stared at me. I’d do it again in a heart beat. (however next time i’ll probably just spring for a cheap pair of flip flops)

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  23. OMG. This is soooo true! I usually go for dinner or movies after work and by the end of the night, my feet surrenders to the cold, marble tile or simply just the tarred roads, leading to my parking spot. And even more so if I’m being watched by dainty women who never in million years do the same. I suffer for fashion, but not 10pm and above… ;)

  24. The most amazing feeling in the world. Guys don’t know the hell we go through everyday walking around in those things.

  25. Never mind taking them off at the end of the nite and walking home, which in itself is pretty awesome. But whats even better is taking them off in the middle of the night at the bar/club/where ever you happen to be and dancing your heart away, AWESOME!!!!

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  27. Taking off high heels probably gives you the most relief, but I reckon this also applies to any shoe!

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