#734 When the free bread they bring you at the restaurant is warm

feel the heatHot baked, warm and steamy, that basket lands on your table and heats up your whole evening. So sniff it up, crack it open, and enjoy a delicious butter sandwich before the main course arrives.


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46 thoughts on “#734 When the free bread they bring you at the restaurant is warm

  1. I was at a restaurant tonight and there was no bread before the meal and no mint after. I was silently outraged. Anyway, it’s even more awesome when they bring a variety of bread and some fancy type of spread or good oil and vinegar.

    1. That’s Dashing Dan for us, folks. Quick bite of bread, sip of free water, and pow-zoom, he’s gone in a flash.

  2. To add to the warmth. I love when they time that second basket just perfectly so no one has to ask “who wants the last piece?”.

  3. Haha, this one does make all the difference. Warm bread brings with it an air of privilege.

    I have a problem with eating too much bread before the meal.

    1. David, it’s not a problem at all. Buddy, you’re just LIVING THE DREAM. Now toss your dinner in a take-out container and get ready for a tasty lunch tomorrow.

  4. Oh delicious memories.

    When I was a kid (and even older) we would visit relatives in the next state about once a month. Since I did not get along with them very well, I was basically bribed into going.

    The bribe? On the way home we would either stop by Quincy’s and get me a half dozen fresh rolls to go or LJS for a dozen hush puppies.

    1. Quincy’s yeast rolls! Oh my. We would order them by the dozen for family dinners way back in the day.

      What ever happened to Quincy’s? :(

  5. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe this wasn’t in here already – this is HUGE! It can totally make a meal.

    I know fancy restaurants are all about bringing you some hard, crusty, artesian bread with some olive oil, but give me a nice warm rolls before dinner, with some soft butter… *drool*.. I’ll barely have room for my entree.

  6. I Love warm bread. I like the olive oil with spices. That and a salad is really sufficient for a delicious, pretty healthy meal. Crunchy, warm, chewy bread. Mmmm

  7. So unfortunate, but I have Celiac Disease, and so I can’t eat the bread because I’m allergic.
    Oh the childhood memories I have of warm pumpernickel with slightly chilled butter. Enjoy it while you can, and be thankful for these things! Lol, not that I miss it too terribly, although that picture is tempting….

  8. Why does the bread at “very expensive” restaurants have to be so hard … “Artisian” is ridiculous …

    Who needs such “good quality” bread you could bash a nail with … and how embarassing when someone “passes” this “bread” to you and you have to partake to avoid an awkward moment …

    Who actually enjoys that … honestly …

  9. LOVE the warm dinner rolls with the little tub of soft butter you peel the foil top off and spread at your own will. Almost a month ago we went to NZ and we were at this restaurant there and one night they served fried bread. None of my friends knew what it was but a girl got som for us to try and it was THE BEST. ohhh yummm :D specially dipped in gravy and the cheese part of the cauliflower :)

  10. Marie, you’re not alone! I just got Celiac’s and miss those warm rolls a lot. Oh well, what are you gonna do… Except from making stale gluten-free bread *shudder*.

  11. Mmmm… Yummy bread
    How are you guyeses today? :D it s mide night were I m… I can’t sleep :( the girl beside me won’t stop snoreing

    1. Imagine yourself filling up on really yummy warm bread…your tummy so full the girls snoring next to you becomes a song, write lyrics or let it lull you into sweet dreams.

  12. they do have the best bread AND butter…no limit! Definately leave there satisfied and get a wake up call to #683…awesome:)

  13. Yes!! My favorite restaurant serves these awesome corn muffins with maple butter and they’re always hot! And if you go for brunch they have blueberry muffins!

  14. very much true. I have the first book!! really good. espiassuly the chapter,”the end of the book” it was my favourite one.

  15. Taza’s has the BEST bread and garlic oil! I didn’t like to eat the bread until I saw it placed in front of me at a restaurant, and I ate so much that my stomach hurt lol :)

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