73 thoughts on “#733 Laughing so hard you make no sound at all

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with laughing this hard. On the one hand, it makes me feel amazingly happy. On the other… I can’t breathe.

    1. My wife laughs like this and I love it. When she’s shaking and laughing silently, I wait with anticipation for the sudden, sharp, shriek-like intake of breath. It goes through me like electricity. Then another long silence as she laughs again. I just love it. I’d marry her again just for her laugh!

  2. My cousin and I can do that to each other on a regular basis! And the best second best laugh is the one that immediately follows when you take the deep breath and it does make noise!!

      1. Totally agree!! That’s usually when the tears start flowing and I laugh even more because of it! My friend Shannon and I used to do this to each other all the time!

  3. Hahaha something has to be really funny to get to that point. Sometimes something is so funny you can’t even breathe, and once in a while it gets so hard to breathe you have that panicked feeling like when you stay underwater too long. Love it.

    1. Then again, dying from laughter wouldn’t be such a bad way to go. I want that on my gravestone. “Laughed really, really hard. We’ll miss you.”

  4. Awesome feeling, but immediately following, with the quick intake of air, I snort. Bad. And I keep going.

    Positive: it makes other people laugh sans sound.

    1. Mel, it’s true, snorting is kind of bad. But WHY, I ask you that. WHY. Usually it’s the result of some intense laughing! Sorta like peeing your pants a little bit.

      Oh, I see now.

    2. Snorting is awesome. I love all of you snorters out there, it makes every joke twice as funny and is like a mountain-climb of joy, where something mildly funny sets off a nuclear-chain-reaction of hilarity.

      Keep rockin’ it.

  5. Holy crap! I do this all the time, seriously. This is the best laughter ever! This is how I laugh when I think something is absolutely hilarious!

  6. Double-edged sword… wonderful until the onslaught of a frantic peeing sensation, and then panic takes over.

  7. i just love the irony of how everyone says LOL to non-humorous things, yet it’s in the most hilarious, ROFL momments that you laugh silently

  8. Great! I love it!
    There are so many things all around us which can provide happiness, fun and a sense of accomplisment. If only we can be more aware of
    these simple ‘boosters’

  9. this is my absolute favourite – it ends up with your cheeks and your stomach muscles quivering. best feeling!

  10. This is especially great when matched with spontaneously foot stamping.

    The absolute top is when you just fall over and roll on the floor.

  11. Oh man, I did that just reading some of the comments to this one.

    I have this hyena sort of laugh where it sounds like I desperately need a drink of water and a lie down. And then it travels up the octave and suddenly into the realm of silence and I just sit there and cry tears of amusement. Then of course, the inevitable raking gasp that sounds like you’ve just swum 5 laps under water in an Olympic-sized swimming pool before realising that, yes, you actually do need to breathe.

    Generally, the noise that I make sounds so hilarious to me that I do it all over again until I’m slightly incapacitated and my stomach muscles feel like I’ve been at the gym for hours.

    Gotta love the small things. XD

  12. I did that just today. I found a link to your site and have been reading since #635. When I got to the one about farting in front of people you love, that’s when I laughed so hard it didn’t make a sound. Thanks for the AWESOME site!

  13. Baby belly laughs are so good. They make you feel good even when you don’t know what they are laughing about. ( see above )
    The silent, eyes tearing, runny nose, gasping for breath, laugh that ends in the silence breaking snort that starts the whole cycle over again~~~~~~~ Awesome!

  14. I had left a load of clothes in the dryer unfolded for a few days, so they were getting really wrinkly. My girlfriend and I were about to head out somewhere, and I needed to get dressed. She mentioned my clothes in the dryer, and I told her to pick out a shirt and I would wear that. I was thinking she would pick the wrinkliest one, and I would just wear a wrinkly shirt for the rest of the day. But no, she comes out with this really small pink V-neck shirt of hers that was in there with my clothes. Being a man of my word, I put on the shirt, and we both busted up laughing for a few minutes, while I commented on the tight fit, and she pointed out the plume of chest hair coming out the V-neck. She gave me another shirt and I wore that out of the house. I caught her laughing to herself later on that day, and she confirmed my guess that she was thinking about the pink V-neck of that morning.

    1. My ex and I split last August and that’s the one thing that I miss the most about him…the side-splitting laughter that ensued on a regular basis as a result of both of us doing silly things like that. We were total dorks together and we laughed A LOT.
      I really miss that.

  15. This is best done in the company of at least one other person. The genuine knee slapping, floor rolling laugh with people that you love is one of the best things going around.

  16. first day of class with a hardball professor, the tension is thick, someone says something that only one other can hear, she starts giggling, then the giggling ripples throughout the class such that some people have tears. The prof looks around and hasn’t got a clue what just happened; he probably never before saw his class all laughing. Awesome.

  17. Last Thanksgiving,my grandma’s dog found a dead rat in the horse barn, and almost everyone was running around the yard trying to catch Daisy Mae,
    I say almost, as I was on the ground laughing my myself to not being able to breathe at all and my aunt was in the bathroom losing her mealing because of the site of a little dog with a tail hanging out of her tail isn’t very good for you gag reflex. I <3 THIS BLOGSITE!! xoxoxo

  18. OMG this is the best feeling in the world! Luckily for me i have the most hilarious friends of all my school and i laugh like this every single day :D haha, just today, my friend shannyn was saying her friend only found out last week that Ellen Degeneres was gay and married, and shes watched the show for years. And i asked who the other girl was, and she said some Aussie chick, and i said Nicole Kidman? haha i dont know why they found it so funny, but she and Ella were cracking up. Then at lunch a popular girl said to me she likes nutella (cuz i had a nutella sandwich) and i said to my friends “Actually, its poo.” and ella cracked up, and Hannah said “I love how you said that so mater-of-factly” hahaha, we have the best times. my fav subjects are recess and luch XD

  19. It gets even better when even the smallest thing will make you keep laughing. You, something stupid and completely unfunny, like someone yawning. It’s great when you and a friend can’t stop laughing.

  20. As long as you don’t have a milk bubble covering the wind pipe, it’s all good!

  21. I just turned 11 today!!! Yaaa… I have nt laughed that hard since… Well….I got put in an adoption center just 2 years ago

  22. To be honest I think that this the least awesome thing ever. And your blog smells. I would shut down if I were you. Happy Christmas!

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