#731 An inbox of personal emails when you wake up in the morning

you are popularA fresh batch of personal emails is like a little basket of gold to start your day.

Grandkids telling you about their day at school, blurry photos attached from last night’s party, your mom asking what you want for your birthday, and dirty inside jokes between your closest friends are all piled on top of each other in your private little room of secret conversations.

You smile softly because a page full of personal emails tells you one thing for sure: people like talking to you. So pull your chair up, rub your palms together, and get ready to dive in.


like a bucket of gold

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39 thoughts on “#731 An inbox of personal emails when you wake up in the morning

  1. Personal messages are fantastically satisfying. You never fail to find the awesome among the mundane.

  2. This doesn’t happen enough. It’s all spam nowadays.

    And besides, personally, one of my favorite feelings in the world isn’t personal e-mail, but personal snail mail – somebody actually took the time to handwrite a letter and talk to you. This never happens anymore!

  3. I like the work you’ve done on your site – are you having fun with it? It’s interesting and well worth the time to visit.

  4. I totally agree – there is no better way to start the day than to open up my email and see what waits for me there. Could be pictures, forwarded videos, and even the occassional personal message – I’m hooked on that morning rush as much as I love my coffee! Awesome!

  5. Yes this is a gratifying one.

    One of my email addresses in particular is my favorite because nobody that knows it is fond of chain emails and lame jokes. Almost everything that comes through it is something I enjoy reading. And no spam!

    1. i have a secret all-spam-and-facebook/sign-ups email address that basically no-one knows. That means i barely have to check it, so thats a time saver right there. and i dont get any more spam messages than usually is in my inbox :)

  6. Just arrived from Reeny’s page link & had a bit of a browse. Gotta say, this blog is pretty awesome. Top drawer.

    Actually, top drawers are pretty awesome. Means you don’t have to bend over having just got up. Bonus.

  7. LOVE IT!

    I am also a really big e-mail checker throughout the day.. particularly if I’m procrastinating on something.. and when I see those BOLD letters in my inbox, I always hope, hope, hope that they’re something fun, to give me one more excuse to avoid doing work.

  8. So true!! My friends and family mostly live across the country in a different time zone so it’s so nice to wake up and see messages from them. Alas, I find that personal emails (never mind snail mail) have declined considerably since it’s so much easier to Facebook and Twitter.

  9. I can’t, for the life of me, make out what that last photo is! Anyone? Please?

    (And yes, totally feeling the personal email awesomeness, but like letitia said, it’s so rare now that facebook gives us the per minute updates of friends everywhere.)

  10. Or going to work and checking the email and finding that you received insurance payments overnight! Awesome!

  11. So much that I rarely check the rural postal box anymore.
    oh oh, did somebody just turn the lights out!

    1. …and now that I’ve pretty much caught on to how the whole suscribe thing; only very recently realizing everyone receives the messages, more pertinant point to post is this…work enters the same email account as awesome, often ending up neglected since I’m pulled to what’s more important…that being awesome and love reading new comments.
      I might change it; I might not- it’s a happy balance… I think so:)

  12. I <3 to get personal mail but it's almost always a spam or someone commenting on something): so I sit by my computer and wait for the mail to start coming in :b

  13. Yo Neil✌ can u do one on drop kicking a soccer ball and getting it in the net??? Because that, is totally

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