#729 Passing under a bridge on the highway when it’s pouring rain

here comes the silenceYour windshield wipers have no idea what’s going on as you enjoy your blissful two seconds of silence.


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40 thoughts on “#729 Passing under a bridge on the highway when it’s pouring rain

  1. seriously. and if you’re driving through a tunnel, you get to enjoy that rain-less silence by making a wish, granted that you keep your end of the bargain by holding your breath until you reach the other end.

    doubly awesome.

    1. I do this compulsively. It’s a bit more of challenge, though, when going to Montreal from Ottawa. It’s kind of a long tunnel, and by the end my vision’s going dark and I can feel my chest convulsing and my cheeks puffing but I can’t let go, no, so close, I can see a hint of sunlight, please don’t let traffic slow down, please please please YES! Open sky!

      Wheezing, almost collapsing, like an inverse waterfall of delightful oxygen, and the person to my left is happy I decided to not drive after all.

  2. You kill me. Every time I check this its another thing that I forget is awesome. But I agree with the comment above that it is also awesome to rediscover that you still have awesome lungs and and hold your breath through a long tunnel

  3. As I was driving yesterday in the pouring rain under an overpass, I thought about how it should be one of the 1000. Today it is. Thanks for reading my mind!

  4. This happened in my driving lesson today – pouring, torrential rain which magically stops when you pass under a bridge.

    What’s more awesome is when you raise your arms and yell “STOP!” just as you’re driving underneath said bridge to pretend that you control the weather.

    1. Hopefully you didn’t do that DURING your driving lesson. I don’t think my driving instructor would’ve been thrilled if I took my hands of the wheel for anything, let alone to play Moses! :)

      1. I read a story once about a father who told his children that he could control the weather by doing that. It was a pretty funny story, with the punchline being, “And then we noticed as we drove under another overpass.”

  5. My husband told our girls when they were very young that he could control the weather when he wanted. He only ever wanted to flex that control when it was raining and we were driving on a highway. Hmmmm.

    1. My dad also told us he had magic powers and could make the rain stop. I think I believed it exactly once.

  6. It’s increadible how you remember things that ARE awesome but we just don’t. It IS awesome :) <3

  7. When James Lipton interviews me for “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and asks those questions at the end, this is going to be my response for “favorite sound.” That and the sound of going from a rough road to a smooth one.

  8. I just filled out my Princeton application and they ask for your favorite website:

    “1000awsomethings.com- It’s not the website I visit most often (google) or the one I rely on the most (wikipedia) or even the most distracting or entertaining (stumbleupon and hulu), but it is the site that consistently brings me just the perfect small amount of joy everyday.”

  9. I just did this today with my grandson age 8. We both looked at each other with delight as we exited and the rain hit again. It was a shared cool moment.

  10. This was always fun when we went to Western Pennsylvania…the tunnels, of course, were mountains…..

  11. How about seeing the idiot with the bass-booming muscle car/truck being pulled over by the cops. That one always makes my heart sing!

      1. recently tried and it goes more like this… the windsheild wipers are going,

        whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh
        “I can see clear-”
        SPLOOSH, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

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