#726 Eating the part of the cookie that fell in the milk

milk soaked cookies awaitFinishing your snack with a bite of cookie leaves a nice sweetmouth feeling but clogs your molars with sugar-paste and practically begs for something to wash it all down. Then again, finishing with a big swig of milk rinses away the delicious flavor-saving chocolate chip fillings you’ve got back there which is just no fun.

People, there’s only one option here.

Finish by eating that soaking-wet cookie chunk that fell in the milk earlier.

Yes, maybe you forgot about it so it’s a surprising little dessert encore. Or maybe you pre-planned the whole thing because you’re crazy like that.

Either way, when you toss that milky soaked-to-the-bones leftover into your mouth it melts into a  sugary, chocolate chip crumb-puddle and splatters in all directions.

Yes, that’s when you know you just experienced unparalleled levels of deliciosity.

That’s when you know you made it.


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29 thoughts on “#726 Eating the part of the cookie that fell in the milk

  1. Brilliant. And I certainly wouldn’t know what you mean about pre-planning. That would make one almost insane.. *darts eyes back and forth*

    1. I’ve gone one step further. I now bake my cookies in such a way that they’re softer and will fall apart more easily into milk, almost ensuring a slightly doughey, warm, chocolatey present at the end.

  2. Mmmm…. now i want some cookies and milk. Let’s see, i think they have cookies in the vending machine but i would probably have to use like 50 little creamer packets to get anything resembling a glass of milk. Maybe i should read this again when i get home. :)


  3. …or you can just keep telling yourself, “no, the last bite should be cookie.” (bite) “no, it should be a sip of milk.” (sip). “no, cookie.”

    You’re solution is definitely fewer calories….

  4. This is funny! My daughter and I are on a cookies-and-milk kick, and this is exactly how we ate. When we (each) have only two or three cookies left, we break up one of the cookies and drop the pieces in the milk so they are good and milky-soggy by the time we are done with our cookies. Mmmm… Soggy cookie goodness!

  5. I always loved chocolate chip cookies and milk and dunked into a cup or glass. I was stunned as an adult to see people breaking with established protocol and just crumbling a bunch of cookies into a bowl, pouring milk over them, and eating them like cereal. Anarchy! Why didn’t I think of that?

  6. Everyone has their own technique for Oreos and milk. I just plop a whole Oreo in the milk and wait a minute until I spoon it out and eat the gooey mush. It takes patience, but it’s worth it.

  7. haha, i got to this awesome thing and i am eating choc chip cookies and milk as we speak! (well as i write…) :/ but i dont like the cookie really soggy like at-the-bottom-of-the-glass-for-5-minutes soggy. even held in for over 10 sec is bad. yick :P But i gotta say, these cookies are prety much the best :D

  8. I don’t like that piece of soggy cookie at the bottom of my cup…but I do enjoy dunking my cookie into a tall glass of milk. Just enough to soften it and crumble nicely in my mouth. Because, like The Actors Diet says up there, Chips Ahoy (or Chunks Ahoy. I recently noticed there was a difference :) cookies are very, very hard.

  9. Hey.. What if a piece of your cookie:) falls into the milk first and the u drink the milk and a big surprise comes…soggy cookie

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