#722 Watching seniors do water aerobics

seniors in aquafitSpeedos snapped on and earplugs pushed in, old folks dip into the local pool for a cardio session on water. And if you happen to catch a glimpse of the jumping jacks and karate kicks or happen to be in the game yourself, then you know how fun it is to see all the wet perms, dripping glasses, and smiling faces.

They just look so happy.



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38 thoughts on “#722 Watching seniors do water aerobics

  1. I don’t know what’s more horrifying, old people swimming or your quasi-erotic enjoyment of watching old people swimming.

  2. What Matthew said.

    This one just seems a bit… specific. Perhaps it’s awesome if you are one of the seniors in the pool, but I can’t see there being too many of them reading this blog.

    1. I can relate to this one. Quite often, when I am on the treadmill in my Gym, I can see the swimming pool from the window. When I see some grandmas trying their best to keep in shape, I am filled with admiration. It is really good to watch them have fun too.

  3. It’s awesome that they’re still vibrant and active. Not sure how awesome it is to watch them tho…

    Now if that was the USA women’s swim team or better yet, the women’s beach volleyball players in that pool, that would be awesome to watch.

  4. I used to lifeguard and actually teach these classes! It was awesome to watch because they always had so much fun with it.

  5. I think the author meant that it’s great knowing that they are still healthy enough to work out – rather than enjoying the process of “watching” them… lol

    I go to our community recreation centre for workouts and cardio cross-training – and it’s so great to see seniors still wanting to stay active and healthy when they reach their age. I’d be proud of myself if I can stay active if/when I get to that age!

  6. I guess it all depends on the kind of figurative glasses you’re wearing. Certain lenses – call them short sighted – will get you to focus only on the surface of things. Others – call them far sighted – will let you see the beauty below the surface.

  7. I find this activity to be horrifying. It’s like the special olympics except with 20 times less skin elasticity.

  8. I actually lifeguard at a YMCA and my favorite time to guard is during water aerobics. It’s pretty entertaining and they make me want to get in there with them!

  9. I currently go to one of those water aerobics classes, and at age 23 I am the youngest there by at least 40 years (Bar the instructor of course!)

    The other women there do seem to have so much fun and laughs as they bounce and spash around, and readily include me in their banter and gossip.

    Granted, I work in an old folk home so maybe I am just drawn to hanging out with the oldies!

    I hope I have their energy at that age :)

  10. I feel sorry for anybody who can’t see what’s awesome about this. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have noticed it myself at a younger age, but I’m also pretty sure that if someone *had* pointed it out to me, especially someone whose assessment of awesome I’m come to respect — I wouldn’t be so dismissive of it . . .

  11. Once you pass a certain age, gravity is not your friend and partner anymore. Getting in the water really is like climbing into the Fountain of Youth. And wherever your boobs might be normally, in the water they float.

  12. When I was younger, I spent every day of summer at the local YMCA and the time we spent in the pool would be at the same time that waterobics was scheduled. So next to us would be all the oldies doing high-knees and jumping jacks. I loved that time, too, just becuase my friends would watch and do the same thing :D

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  14. Umm, don’t sleep on the seniors and water aerobics.

    About 6 years ago, I joined a water aerobics class; paid for 8 sessions. I didn’t realize it was seniors.

    So I go, and guess who is the only person who looks like she’s drowning? Yep, the 32 year old… me. And I can swim. The seniors were asking if I was OK, and encouraging me to finish.

    I never went back after the first session. It was just too embarrassing.

  15. Okay, it’s interesting that at their age, they’re still determined in taking care of their health.

    But what’s not fun? When they clog up the pool, and the water gets cloudy from all the dusty dead skin cells nestled in their deep wrinkles, then slip out quietly when they enter the water.

  16. Now, now, let’s be nice here!
    We should be so grateful should we get to see those days and times.

  17. This app is horrible! I want it removed immediately or Apple will take legal action and sue!

  18. It’s so great that the seniors care so much about their health and actually go out and do these swimming sessions. AWESOME!

  19. I love it!! I use to teach it!! They find it so rewarding! How awesome something so simple can be for another generation!

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