#712 Emptying the recycling bin on your computer

empty_trashAs old school assignments, half-downloaded mp3s, and duplicate photos crumple and disappear from your hard drive, you settle back into your office chair, slap your hands together, and smile at finishing up The World’s Easiest Chore.


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38 thoughts on “#712 Emptying the recycling bin on your computer

  1. I have a mac, so I “empty the trash.” It makes a sound like crumpling up a piece of paper. I just now did it.. and wish I could do it again..

  2. Since my husband passed away in 2005 at the young age of 58 and leaving me a widow at the very young age of 50 and greiving simply and fervently for almost 6 months, I came to realize all the simple joys in the day. Something had to take over the greif I was feeling and I took to taking notes and writing things down in a journal instead of spending my time sitting in the chair wondering when my husband was coming back and worrying about what I was going to do without him.
    ON a early winter morning, I was sitting with my journal reading past entries and realized what a wonderful world I had and the bubble of greif I had let surround me for so long started to deflate and disappeared.
    I now work at an activity center for developmentally disabled adults, our mission statement is ‘helping them become more independent and integrating them into the community’……..and a lot of the joy I have in a day happens there.
    Today I came across your website and I have to say…….this is the absolute BEST website on the internet. You have created something that the worlds population should go to every single day of their lives and read at least one awesomething…..It puts the world into perepective and helps realize that life isn’t so bad…….and theres always something to find joy in…..always a little thing to pay attention to….something to make the day better and make tomorrow something within reach no matter how desolate our situation is.
    Thank you for creating your site…..I have bookmarked it and put a shortcut on my desktop as a reminder to go there daily……keep up the good work…….you have made my day brighter!!!
    Kathy Zahn

    1. @kathy
      So sorry for the loss of your husband, wish you well.
      Your comment really is so true and profound… life is really all about the small things.

  3. the mac paper-crunch sound is reason enough to keep the laptop tidy. i just wish i could hear it when i do other offline chores as a motivational tool.

  4. I visit your site regularly too and appreciate the posts here. Sadly I’ve already trashed the half-loaded items and other ho hum projects from the trash bin the other day – looking forward to releasing more in the future!!

    1. don’t do it then! (if your recycle bin gets to 10% of your hard drive, then it will start deleting the oldest files)

  5. I have my computer set to automatically empty the recycle bin. When I delete something, it’s gone. No need to worry about keeping up with or emptying the dang thing.

    Then again, I never was much of a pack rat. When I delete something, I want it gone! =)

  6. Most of the time, whenever I delete something I just delete it and don’t even send it to the recycle bin. But it is satisfying when you’ve deleted a whole crapload of things.

  7. On a Windows machine if you hold SHIFT and press DELETE at the same time it will by-pass the recycling bin and disappear completely without a trace or a sound… There is an awesome feeling to that sometimes too :)

  8. Back in the early 90s when I emptied the trash on my Dad’s mac, Oscar the Grouch would pop out from the garbage can, sing a short song and then go back into the can. My brother any I used to create new folders just so we could trash them and see Oscar.

    1. What was the song title? Now I want to change my sound (paper crunch) to Oscar! If you have a Mac, all you have to do is go to your preferences section and change the little sound file. Easy-peasy, rice and cheesy!

  9. PMSL, so tru. If only cleanin’ up the house and taking garbage out was as easy. I’d do it everyday. :P Well at least take the garbage out. :P

  10. Almost as much fun as emptying the “sent” folder. It’s great to read the “subject” line and wonder what it was all about and then it comes to you. AWESOME.

  11. Not only do I get a secret thrill when emptying my recycling bin, but I also delight at trashing my spam messages and old emails. Oh, if only I had a Mac so I could revel in that paper-crunch sound!

  12. I’m one of those geeks that has to have everything running my way on my computer. As such, my recycling bin is always empty, because as soon as I delete something, the bin is emptied.

  13. im working on a mac and my bin was empty so i made a new folder and put it in the trash just so i could empty the trash and hear that sound

  14. I just love the sound it makes when emptying it. I only procrastinate because i always think there is something important in there and sometimes i’m right.

  15. Except when you neglected to back-up and accidentally delete the entire Christmas photographs and it’s most definately one Christmas you will NEVER see again:((

  16. It’s supposed to be MY LAPTOP. It’s supposed to be used for my projects, iPhone, FaceBook, emails, movies, etc… “MY” as in “MINE ONLY”- but for some unknown reason; as if my Laptop has a mind of it’s own, checking out sites along with other things once I’m not around…
    Supposedly; It’s under the assumption I wouldn’t notice; not see the history, cookies, favorites, previous search words that clearly weren’t done by me. Then; there’s that Recycle Bin. In plain sight, always on the bottom right corner-and ALWAYS EMPTY when I shut down MY LAPTOP; and it’s weird-when I start up my Laptop the next day; that darn Recycle Bin is ALWAYS FULL??? It’s the oddest thing…and of course; No one in my house knows why…..???

  17. Never say never can be such a treat…my husband just found a chip from the old camera and it’s filled with those priceless 2009 Christmas pictures! Oh Happy Day!!!

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