#711 When you get home so late the newspaper is already lying at the front door

Sign of a good partyIt doesn’t matter whether you’re on clean up duty at your niece’s wedding reception, throwing in for a third poker tournament with the boys, trying to defeat every level of Bubble Bobble, or last to get dropped off after the bachelorette party downtown. All that matters is if you stumble over tomorrow’s newspaper sitting on the stoop on your way up to bed, it means your excellent evening out just got a little extra party cred.


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46 thoughts on “#711 When you get home so late the newspaper is already lying at the front door

  1. In junior high, I had morning paper route. Occasionally you’d see someone come home as you’re delivering the paper, that’s what I call the walk of fame… it’s not the walk of shame until the sun comes up.

  2. Oh this is no good! Don’t even waist the time it will take you to crawl into bed. Lay down on the front step and get some shut eye, you gotta get up soon and drive to work! And try not to think about how bad your day at the office will be, just know it was all worth it.


  3. UGH! I HATE the way the word awesome has been rendered trite and nearly meaningless through overuse and misuse, and the way it’s used in this blog is most definitely both overuse and misuse. Instead, use adjectives such as amazing, great, lovely, terrific, or wonderful, etc., but NOT awesome, for everyday occurrences that are surprising and/or enjoyable. Reserve awesome to refer to grandeur and majesty. For example, the Grand Canyon is awesome, the Rocky Mountains are awesome, etc. Those are much more proper uses of the word.

    1. Poets and writers often use words somewhat differently to convey certain points. The word “awesome” is a trademark or a ” signature ” in this blog. One of the things it accomplishes is to demonstrate that we, ordinary people, can find the joys in so many small occurrences in our everyday life instead of wishing for the huge things like the Grand Canyon (which some of us may never see).

      All the words that you state are good feelings & anyone can replace the word awesome with any of those at any time. They all make us feel better.

    2. Words are defined by usage, not dictionaries. Meanings change and multiply over time. There is no better word to describe the entries in this blog than the contemporary word “awesome.”

      If you’d posted your snarky comment 25 years ago you would have been right.

  4. Don’t listen to Linda. You’re use of the word awesome is absolutely appropriate and… awesome!

    1. I guess Linda A. saw this site title, and thought it was going to be a list of 1000 large natural rock formations?

    2. I’m a dork that clicked that link, but then again, the way the internet is anything can be a webpage.

  5. Whatever your opinion of the word “awesome” is, coming home at 6am in my view is the opposite of awesome. Even if the paper is waiting for me. Because chances are a long, tired day is also waiting for me. Now, coming home at 6am and having a cool pillow waiting for me? That’s awesome.

  6. If you right click the on the word “awesome” using Microsoft Word you get lots of replacement suggestions. Hmmm. They should have a name for that. How about Linda A?

  7. It’s like you’re traveling in time and reading news before it actually happened.

    Mike Dover – I feel like an idiot…I actually clicked on your link.

      1. Oh, no! You totally should have rick-rolled him! (btw, Caleb, it would have gotten me, too)

  8. I think this is a great website keep going with it…you define “awesome” all over again everytime you write something because on every comment someone is sitting there with a smile on their face laughing on the inside saying “yeah!! I’ve done that!”

  9. One time my roommate and I were cleaning up after a mega-party, and we heard a huge THUD at the door at about 5:00 a.m. It freaked us out so we peaked out the window and realized that it was only the Sunday edition. Now that is awesome.

  10. if neil used words other than awesome, he would have to invest in a whole lot of web domains.


    i have to say.. none of those have quite the ring to it that 1000awesomethings.com does..

    except maybe 1000radicalthings.com or 1000tubularthings.com.

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  12. Lived in the Mountains so long, I forgot there was such a thing!
    I remember the city days as a child, esp. Saturday morning’s fighting over the Sun coloured funnies section. Long live Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang.

  13. @Linda A really u take the time and effort to explain we are using the word awesome wrong? Wow 3 words for u Linda ‘get a life’

    Pandas are awesome crayons are awesome sharpening a fresh new pencil is awesome coming home and finding the newspaper already there is awesome this blog is awesome you… are not awesome

  14. Linda A you must have a terrible life to hate the word awesome so much… Get over yourself, the grand canyon is definitely a beautiful, awesome place as are other natural landmarks but so are the little things in life

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