#707 Wearing what you just bought out of the store

Sometimes those old, ratty sandals need to get buried. When sidewalk steps rattle your spine and walking to the store gives you severe Blackfoot, it’s time to go shopping.

Next time you slide on that fresh new pair in the store, just pause for a second and look wistfully at the broken, smooth-soled flat ones in your hand. So many rainy nights, so many deck parties, so many quick trips for gas. Fight tears and steady your lip as you stare the teenage cashier square in the eye and say:

“Do you guys have a garbage can?”


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35 thoughts on “#707 Wearing what you just bought out of the store

  1. Out with the old in with the new…
    How about the great smell of those new shoes?
    Nothing like the smell of that coming off your feet all day. It is like personal fragrance for your fans!

  2. The best way to read this post is while listening to “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini. Perfect.

  3. That was the case for me when I got my current pair of glasses,the lady helping me asked “Do you want to put them in the case or just wear them out?” and I said “Oh,I’m wearing them out of the store!”,I didn’t throw my old ones away but I did lose them so if my current pair breaks,I’m screwed!

  4. I did that today when I bought a new skirt that didn’t make me look fat (relatively speaking) like the one I wore in. I had no idea that people did it all the time!

  5. i’ve done the same with clothes. one day on my way to work i realized that i just hated what i was wearing…couldn’t do it.

    stopped at a store, tried new stuff, found a new outfit. folded my original clothing, walked to the counter and asked, ‘would you please cut the tags of these clothes?’

    i quickly paid, got a bag for my clothes, got in the car and walked in late to work but feeling awesome!

  6. I have done this when I was meeting a friend…hated the frumpy dress I was wearing…she couldn’t believe it when I walked into a store and bought a new pair of shorts and t=shirt and sandals….and threw the dress in the bin!

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  8. Okay, whoever asked if anyone managed this with underwear, for a moment there I was staring at the computer screen, struck dumb. Do you think someone will hand over old, yellowed, tighty-whities over the some cashier and ask them for a garbage can?

    But I’m an awesome ninja and don’t stay speechless for long. You remind me of some of my friends who have eccentric ideas swirling in their minds.

  9. I like how when your wearing a new pair of shoes you walk a different way and notice where your feet are when walking around other people.

  10. I just got new shoes and they are so nice, I love getting new stuff and then feeling so good wile wearing it for the first time!

  11. I am always emotionally attached to my belongings!!! It is hard to say goodbye to the old but it is easy to say HELLO TO THE NEW!
    AWESOME : )

  12. When you’re trying to put crackers in a container and they fit just perfectly!

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