#706 The moment at a concert when the crowd figures out what song they’re playing

Sweaty crowds in sticky shirts scream and scramble for better views between songs. Drums kick boom and guitars get tuned just before the bright lights flip up and flick on. Everyone slides forward on the beer-slicked floor and as the first notes kick in we all catch our breath.


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47 thoughts on “#706 The moment at a concert when the crowd figures out what song they’re playing

  1. I love when that happens. I saw The Who a few years ago, and obviously the crowd picked up after the first two notes of some of the greats.

    @Christine: Heh, I knew a bunch of people who went to that concert last night.

  2. Especially when they play a different intro and there’s an almost awkward pause before it turns out to be an epic song.

  3. I agree with Ian. Nothing is more awesome to recognise your favorite song in an onknown live version.

  4. Haha YES! Always a great moment. I like to think I’m really good at identifying songs quickly, and sometimes I’m one of the first people to cheer. I have been mistaken though, not that anyone would know what song I thought it was.

  5. love it!! of course, it takes me a second or two longer because i am somewhat musically challenged, i think!! lol!

    love the energy! i am going to see u2 in september and will think of you then and smile for you.

  6. So true. Totally hate not knowing the song at for those brief seconds. Makes me question my true fandom.

      1. i also have to add that this is the very first song i ever heard live, so the very first time i experienced this awesome thing was to this song! i smiled really big. :)

  7. OoOoO, dis is very good. What’s even better is when the crowd’s honouring someone by standing up and applauding for ages. I always get teary.

    And I just remembered that I also get teary when my plane lands and the pilot says stuff like: “For those of you who are visiting, enjoy your stay, and for the ones who are returning, welcome home.”

    Only for the places where I actually feel like home, naturally, and I have paraphrased. Totally awesome!

  8. This might be the best entry thus far.

    I screamed at the first few recognizable notes of every song at the No Doubt concert I went to. What an incredible experience.

    @storm: I’m so sorry that you have to go suffer through a U2 concert. If there’s anything I can do for you, let me know. I’m always looking to help somebody in need.

  9. This tends to happen many times at a Wide Spread or Phish show since they drum it out for ten to fifteen minutes before busting out with your fav tune, seriously gives me the goose bumps!!!

  10. This one gets me giddy as well! Sold out Dave Matthews Band, 1st show of the ’09 tour at Madison Square Garden– first song, Don’t Drink the Water– never seen a crowd get so loud in my life. Awesome show!

    …@In10Words- know what you mean! Saw The Who in October ’08- amazing!!

  11. I love this. It was probably the awesomest moment of my life when I saw Radiohead and realized they were playing Just, when Thom Yorke played that opening C chord, at Reading Festival 2009. Just awesome.

  12. completely agree, at the Tiesto concert once the crowd realized he was playing adagio for strings the place went insane.

  13. Awww man… I came across this through stumble. I know there’s some deadheads and phans out there who smiled when they read this post. To many, live music delivers something that can seldom be rivaled. A chance to throw all your cares away and get lost in the performance. The first few notes, everyone’s looking at the stage silent, as if the mic is off… waiting to recognize that familiar rift. All of the sudden- the lights peak and the song opens up… wooooo I love that!

    p.s.- Anyone who doesn’t know…. listen to some live phish for examples of this… it really does give you chills

  14. This has always been one of my favorite moments. Its especially good when the band starts off the song a little differently and it take even longer for everyone to figure it out.

  15. This doesnt happen when lynyrd skynyrd plays freebird cuz ronnie used to shout: “What song is it u wanna hear?” EPIC.

    1. Fabulous and true! One of my favorite songs of all time. I was just thinking about it today!!

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    1. you mean the bit where the 90% of the crowd who only know that hit single sing all over it so all you can hear is them and not the band you paid to see?

  17. I just got home from the Call of Cthulhu/ Dancing With Paris show here in NB when I saw this. AWESOME!

  18. This happened at an Aerosmith concert I went to it was epic- what is even better is when the crowd sings along and so loud that Steven just let us go! <3

  19. Love it! The crowd roars and everyone sings along! For a moment all is right in the world!

  20. Oh, “my lover” Bruce, he’s so considerate and almost always announces the song title, unless it’s an obvious like the one he wrote for me, when I was like twelve and LONG before he met Patty…you know the one…”Born To Run!”

  21. Getting chills just remembering that exact AWESOME feeling at each song at the U2 360 concert.
    Unbelievably AWESOME!!!

  22. AWESOME. Especially if they start out with some vague intro and you can feel the crowd waiting for the song to kick in, like they don’t know it’s going to be an awesome song. When that song kicks in…magic.

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