#702 Sucking your stomach in just before the picture is taken

it will see nothing!When someone whips out a camera it’s time to suck it in, baby. Eye the trigger finger and pull in when they push down. After all, maybe there’s a six pack under that stained and baggy T-shirt. I mean, we have no reason to suspect a jiggly bowl of jelly belly or anything.

There’s just no proof.


Illustration from: here

41 thoughts on “#702 Sucking your stomach in just before the picture is taken

    1. yeah, I’ve noticed that the quality of these entries has reeeeeeally gone down. it seems that you are a man out of ideas. might as well quit while you’re ahead.

      1. don’t like, don’t read. he won’t stop till he hits 1000 and most of us are here for the long haul. :)

  1. my dad had that same camera, right down to the neck strap. what your inspiration for the stencil? i’m curious because i recall seeing that thing nearly 15 years ago. Any chance Cannon or Nikon had something to do with the model?

  2. I only do this in the summertime when it’s bikini season and I just finished eating all the BBQ or all the crawfish and have that little food baby belly. Haha

  3. AND push the chest out, if you’re a woman.

    But sometimes I overdo both and end up looking like I’m standing at attention. Not awesome…. :(

  4. I was teased for most my life about my chipmunk dimpley cheeks, so much that I used to suck them in before a photograph. I look back and see gaunt and how silly.
    Now, I just smile, Nat King Cole style.

  5. Love the app and the book make my days !!! And for haters have u ever heard if you don’t have anything good to say…don’t say anything !!! Have an awesome day

  6. Haha I just started doing this as my stomach is starting yo protrude. A sign that I have to lose weight, or I can continue to suck in my gut for pictures!

  7. OmG! This is so true, I remember when I use to be fat I would do that but it never really worked u could still that big fat stomach. Haha well now I’m skinny so I don’t really need to do it anymore cause I have no flub

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