#700 Making someone laugh when they’ve got a really full mouth

laughing with a full mouthFor a moment it looks like they might burst.

Lips clenched, eyebrows raised, they’re shaking their head and looking away to avoid choking or spraying burrito guts all over the table. You know you dropped a good line when their face turns red and they start frantically waving the “please stop, please stop” signal with both hands.



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40 thoughts on “#700 Making someone laugh when they’ve got a really full mouth

  1. Isn’t this actually the 301st entry?

    Not that it matters, it’s still awesome.

    My sister is the easiest to get with this kinda thing.

  2. This is awesome. We had one of those moments out to a family dinner after my grandma died just remembering all the goofy stuff she did. It was truly awesome :-)

  3. Mouth full with food is DEFINITELY better than mouth full with liquid, as it is much easier to keep in.

    As I can attest from an awkward moment in high school: Spraying an entire mouthful of Coke all over the face of your girlfriend’s mom at close range, is not going to go over well, even if you WERE laughing at a joke that she told.

  4. I once made my girlfriend laugh while she was eating cherries and one came up and out of her nose. It was priceless.

    1. Yeah, making someone snarf food is definitely the Holy Grail of making someone snarf (when they laugh and foreign product comes out their nose – classic example is milk).

      Hey – is making someone snarf an awesome thing?

  5. that IS awesome. drinks count too, of course. and PLEASE GOD tell me that’s flaming amy’s in the picture. mayyybe the best quesadilla i’ve ever had.

  6. my brothers love doing this to me. When we were teenagers we lived in a house with a really white kitchen, so they especially liked to do it when I was drinking coffee or eating borscht. It was like fireworks. We left a lot of stains on that ceiling.

  7. The formula “(R of E)(m) + e’s + n = s of J”
    or; “Results of Ejection times mouth, plus eyes, plus nose equals success of Joke”.
    Works on my wife every time….if I time it just right.

  8. Hah! I once was sitting on a mall bench with my friend Sandy; we were both eating hot dogs. As Sandy started to take a rather large bite of her dog, I made a joke and she started to laugh … Only thing is, your whole mouth moves crazily when you laugh, so Sandy’s rather large mouthful — it must have been half the weenie — got moved sideways and ended up popping right out of her mouth — *ptooey!*

    There were observers. They got to see Sandy leap off the bench after the flung weenie, and me double over in hysterics.

  9. Best when it’s unintentional.

    Last night a dinner my daughter made a great wise crack that caught me with a mouthful. She almost wore it and the grand kids laughed right along with us.

  10. haha ,lol, omg, It reminded me of my childhood, When I was young i used to do this. haha. when my parents were eating I would make them laugh :p

  11. I really love this one, it is cruel >:) but one of my favorite things to do. Like when my friend and I were walking downtown and nobody was there, I told him a hilarious joke; then he laughed and some of his pop went out his nose..Ewww!!!!!!! He was ok with it because it was the best joke I made that day;but I swear that he was afraid to drink next to me for the rest of the day! >:D

      1. Hey, I just figured out what he was actually predicting…the end of 1000 Awesome Things, that is as we know it!!!
        Here’s to the power of positive thinking…all for one, one for all!

  12. @Steve I know! Some shidiots at my school started talking about this “the worlds gonna end tommorrow” crap!

  13. Pretty awesome! I do that with my friends every day- not on purpose! I guess my friends and I are just that awesome!!!

  14. Hahaha, my boyfriend does this to me all the time when we’re out eating. When I finish chewing I have to tell him to not make me laugh while my mouth is full, unless he wants to be wearing the chewed-up food.

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