#694 Screaming at characters in movies to do things

watching a horror movie“No!”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t.”

“Don’t, he’s behind the door.”

“Turn around!”

“Turn around, turn around, turn around!”

“Now kiss her, you idiot.”


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59 thoughts on “#694 Screaming at characters in movies to do things

  1. I once sat one row in front of a woman in a theater who spent the whole movie yelling at the screen. The best part was when she started clapping and hollering: “Shoot ‘im again! Shoot ‘im again!”

    It was strangely AWESOME!

    1. Robot roll Call!!!! Cambot! Gypsy! Tom Servo!


      How i long for the saner days of bad theater….

  2. I was once watching the new Bond movie (Brosnan series) and there were like 8-10 guys (around 25 yo) in the theater who stood up and clapped and cheered whenever Bond did an amazing stunt.

    it was hilariously AWESOME

  3. No, this is NOT awesome, it is childish and rude to other moviegoers. If you want to talk during a movie, get the DVD and flap your mouth at home. Idiots.

    1. i completely agree i didn’t pay to watch some idiot interrupting the movie every time something “cool” came up. and it’s the worst when it was over nothing and you miss something important. no strangers happiness is that important to me ;)

  4. Completely agree with ABG. I HATE when people yell during movies. It’s really inconsiderate to the people who are trying to enjoy what they just paid $15 to see. And I’m the person that’s going to tell the person shouting and they always complain when you tell them to shut up. AHHHHH!! 100% NOT AWESOME

    1. you’re partially right. which means you’re aprtially wrong.

      another example.
      we wanted to watch Aladdin (animated). we were just about to buy tickets for a late night show when a friend proposed to buy for matinee.
      at first we didn’t like the idea (being in early twenties) but we realised later how right he was.
      there was a gazillion kids from 3 to 5 years old (with parents, which didn’t matter). they were screaming at the characters all movie, being afraid of the same things as main character, booing the bad guys…
      we enjoyed every single moment of the movie.
      it was the best movie experince ever I’ve ever had. even better than Bond.

  5. I thoroughly enjoy shared audience reactions to the action on the screen. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I choose to “pay $15” to see a movie in the theatre. There’s something about the crowd dynamic that adds to the experience. For example, when several hundred people all cringed and yelled “Oh my God” in unison after that unforgettable closeup of the zippered frank ‘n beans in “Something about Mary”, that was worth the price of admission! Best of all, though, is sitting near a really funny heckler at a bad movie.

    1. Totally agree. Plus, the electricity in the crowd for big “event” movies on opening night is terrific. Seeing one of the Lord of the Ring movies on opening night while you’re surrounded by people in costumes who are all cheering at the heroes holding back the Uruk-Hai hoards is one of the better movie experiences I’ve had.

      Maybe the people that want to watch a movie in complete silence are the ones that should be staying at home with the DVD. There certainly won’t be any “idiot mouth flapping” going on there!

    2. It’s really cool to feel the shared emotions of the audience too. The hush when something terrible happens, the laughter and outbursts at the funniest parts, the cheering at the end. AWESOME indeed! :)

  6. Yeah, that really sucks, I agree. I remember watching ‘Rocky’ in the movie theater when I was a kid, and everybody cheered when he won that one fight. It sucked.

    By the way, it seems that the awesomeness of the entries here is gradually going down anyway. 1000 awesome things might have been a good idea when it started, but after the first 25, you really had no idea what to do, right?

  7. Stupid behaviour sucks, especially in public. Not awesome. Nobody said a movie audience should watch “in complete silence.” If it’s funny, laugh! If it’s scary, gasp! If it’s weepy, weep! But don’t go shouting things or chatting or texting, etc! Jeez!

  8. Ugh, more lame “awesome” things. No, talking/yelling in a movie theatre is NOT awesome. It’s rude and disrespectful. This blog is going downhill, FAST.

  9. Wow.. what’s with all the bad vibes? If you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself :) And by the way, Schop, when Rocky wins the last fight and everybody stands and cheers, that’s AWESOME!!

  10. Is this a joke?

    “You know what’s awesome? Ruining movies for people. It’s great.”

    I hope you get your ass kicked by a group of gay bikers next time you do this in a theater.

  11. Yeah for some reason I’d love that. But again, it depends on the movie and the kind of yelling or screaming people make. If it’s not in the place, then it’s terribly annoying. Take it for example, you were watching a horror movie then the sound got creepier. Nothing happened yet but there is a girl screaming like at the top of her lungs. That is annoying.

  12. you realize neil didn’t say screaming in a movie THEATRE, nor did he make mention of a movie theatre in the post. the title is “screaming at characters in movies to do things” not “screaming at movie characters in a movie theatre and annoying the rest of the patrons.”

    just thought i would point that out to all the people with the free-flowing negativity..

  13. Some friends and I went to the movies to watch The Mist when it came out

    There were approximately 15 more people in there with us

    We all cheered and clapped when they finally shot the “leader” =P

  14. I do this at home, especially if I watch Serendipity. I am a mess of tears, sobbing my eyes out at the end, “Go to the park! She is waiting for you!”

  15. I don’t do this…but my husband does and it drives me crazy. He is so loud I can’t hear the movie. I guess it is awesome to him cuz he does it all the time.

  16. The post doesn’t say “in a theater” anywhere. Yes, there is a picture of a movie theater, but a picture of someone eating take-out in his/her PJs would be more boring :)

    So to all those people flipping out saying “OMG HOW RUUUUUDE,” just chill.

  17. While sitting in a full theatre watching Twilight.

    “Eww Twilight.”
    Followed by the response we all know and love,

    1. Going to see new moon we were all getting into it, and this was the part where edward breaks up with bella. He goes, “Well, I don’t want you to.. come” Some guy in the audience goes… “But IIIII do!” And the entire audience busts up laughing. good stuff.

      I’m always tempted to yell out “SILENCE IS GOLDEN!” When that shows up on the screen. Every time I see it.

  18. The best is when you are in the theatre and the audience is losing interest because the movie does not live up to expectations (think Spiderman 3), and there is a particularly stupid scene (think the dance scene in aforementioned Spiderman), and you yell a sharp witticism at the screen which is rewarded with a bigger laugh by your fellow moviegoers than anything that has happened in the last hour of the movie. It is the best when this then precipitates a free for all of general abuse from the entire audience at the sub par movie – it becomes a tag-team effort, and widespread one-upsmanship ensues.

  19. If it’s the right movie this is really awesome. Seeing Paranormal Activity, when it was still limited release, and the theatre is packed to capacity, it was a schmozzle of screaming and crying and jumping, made the movie even better than watching alone.

  20. Getting so caught up in a movie and yelling advice to the characters. The first time I did this was during Sleeping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts.

    Shoot him ! shoot him! shoot him!

    And she did. Very satisfying.

  21. I do this all the time during horror movies at home. when my friends and i watch the scary ones they actually rely on me to do funny commentary so we don’t all pee our pants lol. i don’t normally condone this in theatres, but when i went to see ‘the last airbender’ i applauded the guy who stood up at the end and booed.

  22. A: it’s only 8 mins since new awesome. B: 40 bucks 4 movie+ popcorn C: only do this at second run movies, where everyone’s seen it

  23. I find it funny how the photo influenced the people into the theatre… you are some Pied-Piper, Neil.
    I’ve never heard noisier theatres since the 1970’s version of, “Chain Song Massacre” and “Carrie”. With knees over face, I think I was fairly quiet.
    At home, it’s less money and hassle; still the knees, but more vocal,
    “Come on who’s stupid enough to go up the stairs instead of out the door?”
    “Why the closet? That was REALLY FRICKEN stupid! Dumb ASS!”
    “Under the bed? OMG who does that anymore!!!”
    At the theatre, I freeze, at home I can vocally fight or get up and flight!

  24. love this! definitely adds to the experience..
    also, this blog is meant for awesome. not for negativity, there’s no need to bring everyone else down if you don’t agree.

  25. NO NO NO OH Harry why are you jumping into a frozen pool of water, all alone in a forest, with a horcrux around your neck???
    DO NOT JUMP IN!!!!!!

  26. I always do that when im watching “24” , i also get this psychotic laugh when Jack Bauer kills someone who really deserves it in a bad ass way , one time i just started clapping my hands and got all cheerful and shit , and then my dad kicked my door open and was like “keep it down , we’re trying to sleep here .

    It was 3 am and i was using headphones so i didn’t realise how loud my cheering was :D .

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