#692 Eating the crusts of the sandwich first to save the middle part for last

eat it upNobody wants to finish on a downer.

If you aren’t careful the last bite of your lunch will be a big chomp of dry crusts and lettuce scraps. Your mouth will finish on a lame and boring note with the delicious middle bites from minutes ago lost in a dry, crusty haze.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Put your time in at the beginning, sacrifice early nibbles and take care of all the corners, and set yourself up for a deliciously fresh and soft, ham-and-cheesy finale to finish off your lunch.


Unparalleled levels of deliciosity

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59 thoughts on “#692 Eating the crusts of the sandwich first to save the middle part for last

  1. You can often skip this step, by just cutting the crusts off to begin with to get ALL middle.

    Mmmmm.. PB&J with the crusts cut off. Takes me back.

      1. but now that you have hair on your chest, you have to wonder why you ever wanted it in the first place…

        Love this post by the way.

  2. I tend to do this with cookies. A bonus if the edges are just crisp enough, yet you get a soft gooey middle to savor at the end. :D

    1. I’m the exact opposite. I never liked the gooey middles of the school cookies. So I ate the edges and left the middles on the tray… until someone would ask, “Can I have your middle?”

  3. I always do this! people think it’s strange. and Freddo, cutting the crusts off is cheating. you have to eat the crusts to properly appreciate the middle!

    also, my mum used to put “extra flavour surprise corners” in my sandwiches when I was at school… that was awesome. she’d just put more vegemite or peanut butter in the corners than the rest of the sandwich to make it a bit more exciting. haha, didn’t take much to please me!

  4. I prefer to only eat the middle unless I’m very hungry. I’ll eat the crust, which is not too bad when I’m very hungry!

  5. yum! You make it sound divine. I have never ate my sandwich this way, but I will have to try it :)

  6. Everytime I have a sandwich….

    I thought I was the only one too.

    Not A Freak After All! WooHoo!

  7. Yes! I always do this! But I usually tackle the sandwich in a method whereby every 3 bites consists of 2 crust bites and one bread bite.

    1. and i thought i was the only one who did stuff like this. I think that’s what this blog is about. I am always finding other people who are just as weird or weirder than me. No offense, of course, weird from me is a compliment :)

      1. A friend called me the other day to tell me about finding the perfect poptart — with frosting on every bit of the top (even down to the corners). He was going to write to Kellogs and let them know how good it was!
        That’s awesome!!

  8. Seeing as how I am th only one who eats like this (sandwiches, hamburgers, and even Pop Tarts), I thought I must be the only weirdo in the world. Imagine my pleasure and relief to read this and find several others who share my sandwich-eating bliss.

    This is definitely an Awesome Thing!

  9. That’s how I do it every day at lunch. Year after year, PB&J after PB&J. Get the perimeter first, and then work my way inside when nothing can separate me from the delicious filling.

  10. I do this with poptarts too! and, actually a lot of other things. There’s nothing better than the last bite being the best.

  11. This is the best with cheeseburgers :)

    I had a boyfriend who always ate his sandwhich using the crust first method, but then would nibble the middle part into the shape of a perfect circle.

  12. My friends always thought I was weird for doing it with a burger, but I guess I’m not the only one!! This is definitely the way to go for sandwiches, burgers, pop tart and anything else with flavor in the middle. I’ve even caught myself eating the crust first on pizz a few times.

  13. i had this babysitter once, and she forbade me from eating the crust first because she claimed it was considered “playing with your food”.
    i will never forgive her for that. (she also didn’t allow me to drink my apple juice while i was eating. so my mouth was all sticky with peanut butter and i couldn’t swallow. she was an evil baby sitter!)

  14. wow…i seriously thought i was the only one…i’ve been eating my bologna and cheese sandwiches this way for years…start at the corner and work your way around in a half circle (cause we all know this sandwich was cut diagonally) and then all you have left is a delicious middle sandwich sans crust and full of perfection…awesome

  15. I do this with everything!!! Any kind of food i ALWAYS leave the middle part for the end, unless there’s like a huge piece of cheese dangling from the corner of the sandwich and that’s when i leave that part for last =D


  16. I also do this every time I eat a sandwich (or most other foods, like pizza). Everybody always thinks I’m weird, but this validates it!

  17. This is the method I use to eat those swiss fudge Stella D’oro cookies: eating the cookie perimeter first and saving the chocolate fudge center for last… yum.

  18. OMG i ALWAYS do this with my Nutella sandwiches! and i always break small pieces off, partly because i dont want bread/chocolate to be stuck in my braces and partly because its just what ive always done. but i only do it with Nutella, dont know why. Me and my friend call it vegemite as a personal joke =D

  19. THANK YOU!!! It’s not like I have yet to meet anyone else who does that too, but it never seems to happen around my closer friends and acquaintances, who all think I’m odd.

  20. I like crusts on homemade bread, or that whole grain stone-milled-type breads, but crusts on everyday sandwhich bread is like eating dry sponge. If I’m really hungry, I eat them. If not? I think as an awesome ninja, I can pass over choking on sponges.

  21. Butter over whole grain or rye bread, salmon, green onions, mayo and a dash of real lemon, the best after-crust filling:)

  22. Everyone thinks I am weird for doing this, but that way, I get the yummy filling at its thickest and most delicious. Who wants two nubs of bread as the last bite. Not me!!

  23. This is probably my favorite awesome I’ve seen yet on here! And I’ve had the app for months!!!! Yay!!! LOVE THE MIDDLES!!!!

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