#689 When somebody holds the elevator door for you

hold that doorClose door people, we see you.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about. We see you duck into the elevator twenty steps before us in the lobby and tap-tap-tap that Close Door button so you can score a slightly faster ride. What, you think we don’t notice your attempts to avoid eye contact? Oh, we do, and we don’t like you for it, either.

No, the people we like are a different sort of people. They’re Open Door people. They’re the ones with the bruises on their forearms, tapping the Open button, and popping their head out to ask innocently “Going up?”

Why yes, we are going up. Why yes, we would love to share the lift with you. Why yes, we’ll smile and thank you for holding it. And why yes, we’ll keep it open when we see you coming the next time, too.

Now let’s all hug and chug-a-lug home.


holding the doorsPhotos from: here and here

31 thoughts on “#689 When somebody holds the elevator door for you

  1. I am a door holder-opener. Plate glass, wooden, automatic-type doors where there’s a weight sensor (mostly so the door doesn’t eat my children), elevators, etc. Your welcome.

    PS. I’m the first to comment! Woot! Being the first to comment is an awesome thing, too!

  2. I try to be an Open Door person, but I can never get it quite right. At my old job, the “open door” and “close door” buttons were written in some kind of algorithm, so hitting the right button was just beyond me. I tried, though. Doesn’t it give me some credit?

  3. Hey there! We’ve featured your blog on ours as per Blog Day tradition.

    I love leaving elevator doors open for people, even if I have to jam a foot to halt the rapidly-closing doors; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. I think it is also awesome when people let you get off the elevator before they try to shoe horn their fat butt into the elevator full of people trying to get off.

  5. As a college student there are many doors that I like to keep open for students. Mainly the dorm doors, to get into the room wings.

    Going in?
    you are! well you’re in luck i already unlocked it for you!

  6. The first pic made me jump! I have taken a similar one in an elevator in Pasadena, CA. I wonder where you got it from? I never have seen a “Help is on the way” any other place

  7. As the quote goes: I do not hold the door for you because you are a lady. I hold the door because I am a gentleman.
    I always hold the doors for anyone. Esp. at the VA hospital. Some of those wonderful vets could use the few extra seconds to get through the door.
    Even me.

  8. I’m a “close door” person. A frantic, button-mashing, “close door” person.

    *hangs head in shame*

  9. Another awesome things is when you turn the corner and the elevator is already there, waiting for you. No waiting!

  10. I’m probably too nice because I hold the door for everyone…and sometimes they don’t even want to ride the elevator.

    Oh but when they do…the looks on their faces….

    Sweet, sweet victory.

  11. Too bad there isn’t an opportunity like this for stairs….. Common people! Let’s take stairs! At least sometimes!

  12. This “politeness” shouldn’t really be in question… in my opinion…it should be natural to have an open-door policy.
    Going up, or down?
    Want some company?
    An allie?
    Need an alibi? (must depend on reason)
    A companion?
    To talk?
    To share?
    Then you can trust that I’ll be there, by your side, for the entire ride…well, or at least until I need to get out and get to where I AM GOING;)

  13. I always hold the door for everyone..
    and if I hold the elevator door for someone, I even ask them which floor they want to go. *maybe I’m just being too nice?*
    But it brings me pure joy when they said thank you or smile at me :)

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