#687 Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm

Hey, it’s not like you can play outside, go swimming, ride your bike, or walk to the store. So just flick off the lights, yank open the blinds, and stare out the window at the majestic streaks of bright lightning cracking down all around you.


lightning bolt stormPhoto from: here

29 thoughts on “#687 Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm

  1. My mom would always be like “TURN OFF THE INTERNET!” I am still scared to use the toilet during a thunderstorm.

    1. My mom does the same thing…she thinks if the computer isn’t turn off that it will blow up.

      And I am even worse. I can bring myself to use the toilet, but then I am too scared to use the running water…Purell is love…

  2. I was so excited to see this picture from Daily Dose of Imagery, even though I first found that site from your link. Lightening is natures best entertainment, Considering the horrible weather we’ve had in my area all summer, lightening has been the only reprieve from the boredom.

  3. This damn well better be awesome. Most of the jerk thunderstorms around here just turn the lights off for you, then you’re late for work (and that is not awesome) and you get hastled all damn week about it.

  4. I adore thunderstorms. I grew up in an area where thunderstorms were a fairly common summer occurrence, but they weren’t terribly severe.

    My grandparents, on the other hand, lived down in tornado country, where a thunderstorm and strong winds could signal the end of your roof. The thunderstorms I experienced there were spent hidden safely in my grandmother’s bathtub, lest the house fly away.

    For me, the best is when the power goes out and I can pull the candles out and practice piano as if I were in the century the pieces were actually written.

  5. Growing up in Phoenix, thunderstorms were far and few between.
    Then 35 years in Wisconsin & raising 4 boys during some of the best darn “thunderboomers” around. With lights out, counting the seconds to see how far away the lightning hit, yelling “BOOM!” when it flashed, and every kid giggling, (+mom & dad).
    Awesome memories.

  6. i prefer sitting outside on the porch while it’s storming and there is a good wind blowing. i like to dance with danger, i suppose. lol. i got used to watching thunderstorms because my grandma used to insist on unplugging every electrical item in the house (minus the fridge.. i guess she assumed it was safe) lest we all be electrocuted for having the lights on. we rarely have good booming storms anymore, unless it’s while i’m asleep.. nothing can stir me then.

  7. Our computer actually did get fried in a storm. It looked awesome, but we were out of a computer for a while.

  8. I love thunder storms!!!!! Especially when they are at night because when I was little I would sneak into my sisters’ room and all six of us would watch them together act like it was a tv show!

  9. We used to go swimming during thunderstorms, and I’d still do it. The sooner I get this farce over, the better.

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