#684 Being so excited you forget to take your bike helmet off

bike helmetDo you ever see kids on the playground with their bike helmets on?

Sometimes you spot them riding up to the sandy lots with heads full of steam and eyes staring forward with steely determination. They are on a mission to get some playing in, buddy. And nothing’s going to get in their way.

Nope, not even pausing for a minute to unclasp their bike helmet. Are you kidding? They are in such a rush that they bail on the bike, run across the sand, and jump on the jungle gym with their helmet bobbing all over the place in one majestic, sweeping move.

Good times.


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15 thoughts on “#684 Being so excited you forget to take your bike helmet off

  1. Awesome, perhaps, but there have been a handful of cases where the bike helmets have caught on playground equipment and resulted in injury…or even death. Please have kids remove their helmets before hitting the play structures — they’re not designed for “head safety” in that kind of play environment…

  2. Or safety goggles. I love to see excited students walking out of the lab or down the hall with them still on!

  3. I guess I’m too old. We didn’t wear bike helmets when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, the only kids who needed to wear them needed them because you would get beaten up if you were wearing a bike helmet.

  4. One time I was doing a triathlon and was a little bit ahead of a friend of mine (who is much more athletic than me) as we were going through the transition zone from biking to running. I was so excited that I was beating my friend that I sprinted out of there with my helmet on. My badassery was on display to the world

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