30 thoughts on “#681 Realizing that you’re going to be in the background of someone’s picture and smiling at the last second

  1. A group of us just came back from a trip to Montreal where we would run up to complete strangers that were having their photo taken, put our arms around them and smile as if we were part of the family. The response was awesome. There are people all over the world showing family members photos of us.

  2. Do it all the time! It’s so fun, including when people use digital cameras, I see them looking at the screen.. then confusingly look up, looking for me.

  3. its the best if they dont look at the picture right after it happens. you dont see their response to the picture but you know there is one and they dont have time to delete it and take another picture.

  4. ….aaarrrggghhh!! Four boys, 3 young grandsons…and not one decent photo of them without at least one of the goobers pulling a stunt like these!!!
    Got some great shots though.
    My boys and pics! Awesome.

  5. This is great because those who are in the picture never notice until they get them printed/put on face book and they realize they have been duped.

  6. The best is when you can squeeze behind the little gap between two people’s necks and just *barely* be visible until someone takes a second look.

  7. Photo-bombing is way too much fun. I do it every possible opportunity. Also, living in a smallish city means that everyone knows everyone by some connection, so being tagged in a Facebook photo as a photo-bomber in a friend-of-a-friends album is such a win!

  8. It’s just one more reason to walk around, “On 1000awesomethings.com”…
    Perma grin…Smile, smile, smile:)

  9. These are the best kind. Looking through your pics and discovering some random person.

  10. So much more effective in the days before digital cameras though! In high school, I used to work at a rather large amusement park. Apparently, we were photobombing before we knew what photobombing was.

    We’d do it while walking around the park in unitorm. Bonus points were given if A) they were tourists; thus ensuring th pictures wouldn’t be developed til they got home or B) it you could get into the second “let’s make sure we got a good one” shot.

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