44 thoughts on “#680 Falling asleep when the plane takes off and waking up when it lands

  1. My best flight EVER was when I took two Dramamine and slept through the take off. I was awake as we flew, read a few pages, and somehow miraculously fell asleep AGAIN and didn’t wake up until we were taxing to the terminal.


  2. I’ve only traveled on a plane once in my life, and let me tell you, I didn’t sleep at all during. Too awesome of an experience to sleep on. :)

  3. We were emigrating to Qatar when I was about 4 and apparently when I got on the plane I was super excited about flying and was GOING TO STAY AWAKE THE HOLE TIME.

    Promptly fell asleep before take-off and woke up after landing.

    Wish I could do that now.

  4. How about falling asleep in the car? The best is when you snooze on the long drive home and wake up snuggled in bed. It’s the ultimate feeling of love and comfort. :) Those were the days!

    1. My little brother is 8 and he tells me he’s a sleep jumper! I know how he feels too because when I was his age I used to always wonder how I got to my bed when I fell asleep during the movie or whatever.

  5. Coming home from France when my daughter was 3, she struggled to stay awake the whole flight to New York, where we had to change flights. She fell asleep in the cab between JFK and LaGuardia, slept through check-in, security, boarding, take-off, and the whole flight to Toronto, only waking up due to the very bumpy landing. I said “look, we’re home!” and she looks at me, horrified, and says “But mommy, I wanted New York!”

  6. Yeah it is totally awesome but doesn’t allow my mind to realize it’s in another place that is not home. I did this onece and thought I was going to drive home from the airport instead of to my hotel.

  7. I would say this is awesome for 2-3 hour flights, but I found out the hard way that falling asleep for six hours on twenty-hour flight caused my ankles to swell up and then I spent the rest of the flight doing hypochondriac laps around the plane to prevent a blood clot. But generally, yes, I agree that this is awesome.

  8. I’ve flown across country a good number of times, and only once was I able to fall asleep.

    Wouldn’t ya know it, I had a dream that the flight attendant was waking me, smiling down on me saying….”wake up or you’ll miss the crash.”

    I’ve never slept on a flight since.

  9. Totally true. But it only works for me when I’m knackered and I really can’t find a position to sleep in. :( Nevertheless awesome though if you make it. LOL

  10. I slept the whole plane ride from England to Romania and woke up with a sandwich on my lap. I was in a pretty good mood when I woke up.

  11. I once rode a Greyhound bus from Florida to New York. I slept off and on through the whole trip but the one thing I remember best was waking up just as the bus was passing through Washington, DC, at sunrise. I’d never been there before. It took me a while to realize it was real, not a dream.

  12. That is just marvelous.
    Had a night flight from Toronto to Paris (8 hours) and slept as soon I seated in the plane and just woke up 30 minutes before landing.
    The ladies at Air Canada where friendly enough to hand me coffee and a water…

    Just beautiful…

  13. I had a vivid dream when I was on a flight to Boston that I was Padme and flying on that public transport in Episode III, with the green cloake outfit/with some added classic SW dreaming adventure. It was my #1 best dream correlated with what I was doing in real world: )

  14. the only bad thing about sleeping (tele-porting) on trans-atlantic flights is sometimes you miss that coveted meal (however odd it may be).

  15. Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep while flying. Then again, if I did, my co-pilot would report me and I’d get fired :(

  16. Its even better when driving a car, and you fall asleep, then you arrive, and you have no idea how you got there!

  17. My family traveled a lot when I was younger. My brother would always fall asleep (due to his uncanny ability to sleep ANYWHERE.) One time, he actually fell asleep before we left the gate and woke up right when we got to our arrival gate. He looked around and went, “Ah, man. We haven’t left yet?” I told him no and that he should go back to sleep, but everyone else started getting up and he got mad at me. XD

  18. I have never slept on a plane – have trouble sleeping in my bed – and the worst was 24 hours in the air from Florida to Sydney. I was awake the whole time and it was horrible. I got so dazed and confused that I watched “The River” in its entirety with my headphones set to a jazz channel. “Gee, this must be one of those arty movies, with just music and no dialogue.”

  19. Especially if it’s one of those big jets that fly as smooth as if they run on the tears of Jedi.

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