#675 Wordless apologies

we all make mistakesTension fills the room and black clouds linger by the ceiling fan. Dinner was late, bills piled up, nobody called home.

Now you’re steaming in front of the TV while they’re crying softly in the bedroom upstairs. The stalemate burns quietly until they come down, enter the room slowly, grab your shirt sleeves and look right at you with a pair of warm, moist eyes while starting to give you a soft, smiling apology.

But you see them coming and your stomach churns with a wave of regret so before they even get it out, you interrupt with a head shake and a hug.


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36 thoughts on “#675 Wordless apologies

    1. True. Those moments when two people are at peace with each other, and they don’t even have to say anything.


    1. *hug*

      This one made me get teary-eyed. Wordless apologies always end with something awesome: a really good, half-sobbing laugh or a kiss.

    1. Makes sense. I generally agree.
      But the way I see it, a wordless apology isn’t the same as someone sheepishly trying to avoid apologising, it’s seeing the apology in someone’s body language, their eyes, their lips, before they’ve managed to verbalise it, and you move on before they manage to get the words out. Not like when someone tries to halfassedly distract you from the fact that they should be apologising because they hate admitting they’re wrong. I love wordless apologies, but hate it when people refuse to apologise….

  1. Yeah, hugs are pretty awesome. Big “guts hugs” from the kiddos are most awesome of all. “Guts hugs” — fyi — is a hug so big it “squeezes your guts.” At least that’s how my son described it. :-)

  2. Getting one from the kiddies is the bestest hugs of all. Esp. when they are saying their sorry for some minor thing they did wrong.

    Kids hugs….Awesome!

  3. Getting one from the kiddies is the bestest hugs of all. Esp. when they are saying they’re sorry for some minor thing they did wrong.

    Kids hugs….Awesome!

  4. I consider myself so lucky that my mom never let me cry in my room by myself, she would always come up and hug me, I love her so much for that! And I get the point of your post, it’s so sweet! The picture says it all!

  5. If it’s after a tiff with a partner, my favorite part is the long, lingering kiss afterward.

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  7. Last year, Oprah had Ali McGraw and Ryan O’neal on, re: their roles in “Love Story” and discussion about the famous line:
    “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” and “they all laughed!
    “They” never even got it!
    This was my best friend *Shelley’s favorite novel, movie and theme song. In 1974, when she was 13, Shelley defined it as this:
    “When people are loving there are no reasons or needs to be sorry; actions speak volumes… when loving!”
    Shelley was a tiny bundle of joy, smarts, smiles and LOVE.

      1. *I fell short of my best friends definition and am truly sorry!
        Given the chance, I’d be speaking volumes in my actions:-)

  8. The hug and kiss are really great wordless apologies… but I think my favorite is when my boyfriend and I have had an arguement and are just sitting next to each other, both upset… until he reaches out and holds my hand. Then everything is alright and it’s okay to cuddle up and accidentally wipe tear-snot on his shirt.

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