#673 When you’re washing the car and it’s hose time

hosing down the carSoapy sponging coats your clunker in a thick sheet of bubbly foam. When your brow is sweating and the sloshy pail is dripping all over the driveway, it’s time to grab the hose and rinse the job away.


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18 thoughts on “#673 When you’re washing the car and it’s hose time

  1. … and then you step back and see all the spots you missed- like the top of the car, right in the middle, because you’re short and can’t reach. I never get the car completely clean the first time. Boo.

  2. Brings back memories of the Senior Class car wash… not sure which got more water on them..the cars we were washing or us! Great memories from the class of 88 VCHS

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