#672 When you drink from a bottle of water that’s been sitting for a while and you hit the cold, insulated spot in the middle

basketballIt’s a blazing hot Saturday afternoon and you’re playing pick-up basketball in the park.

When the sun beats down and your sweatstache starts dripping someone thankfully calls a time out. Wiping your forearm across your forehead, you jog over to your gymbag to grab a quick drink. Digging your hand past a pair of balled-up socks and a warm stick of deodorant, you finally find your buried treasure.

It’s a sweaty, wet bottle of water from home and you quickly twist off the cap for the first big sip.

But it disappoints.

It’s lukewarm.

No, that room temperature swill sure doesn’t quench much. Your hot throat is greeted by warm water and any hopes of getting refreshed quickly evaporate.


buried treasureYour next sip seems a tiny bit cooler to you. Your blood pulses as you realize there may be a buried treasure within the buried treasure. Yes, yes, yes, you think, as you toss back the bottle and chug like you’ve never chugged before.

And it hits you.

The cold, insulated spot in the middle of the water bottle.

Man oh man oh man.



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23 thoughts on “#672 When you drink from a bottle of water that’s been sitting for a while and you hit the cold, insulated spot in the middle

  1. probably the reason I keep coming back to this site everyday are those amazing analogies you use! you should win a webby for tha…. oh wait.

  2. …OR DO THEY?…. lol. This has become my daughter (also known as “geektween”)’s response to random statements, always spoken with great dramatic effect, and sometimes an eyebrow wag for emphasis. For example:

    Me: We can’t buy that, it’s too expensive. Geektween: Or CAN we??

    On another note: I think this post would be even MORE awesome if the treasure chest picture was the Sunday Sweets: Shiver me Sweets treasure cake from Cake Wrecks. Perhaps it’s not too late??

    …or is it?…

    1. I find it pretty weird that no one finds it weird that the treasure chest apparently belongs to Volvo. I thought they were more into car manufacturing than making pirate booty.

      OR ARE THEY??

      1. …now I’m a little freaked out. Maybe the author is getting product placement kick-backs from Volvo. Now I’m going to go look for out-of-place “Volvo” stickers in other photos…

        On another note: Freddo, did you see my reponse to your comment on “Falling asleep on the airplane…”?

        1. Just saw your response now! I love it!

          My favorite part was when teleporting fat guy was just rolling down the hill for no reason. Great stuff.

          And yeah – Mr. 1000 Awesome Things.. How much are you getting paid by Volvo for slipping their logo into random pictures? Where are jdurley’s and my cuts from your sponsorship deal?

  3. “sweatstache”, great, just great. My wife already hates my “wet moustache kisses”. Now after she reads this she’ll never drink from the same water bottle again! (so the buried treasure ice cold H2O is mine….all mine!!!! bwaahahahah)

  4. Im not sure about all the attention around farmville. I know one thing for certain if you have alot of free time to kill then it is the game for you :) My cousin is taken up with it . Solid post by the way

  5. Hi, this is one great looking site! Thanks for posting this. I was hunting for a site that has this kind of info. I just like very much farmville! Glad I found this one! I’ll be dropping by here again for sure! :)

  6. Weird, and true story…HONEST…you’ve got to believe me!!!
    This just happened for the first time in my whole entire life, just a few days ago, on or about May 19th. 2011, and I thought it was such an odd, yet awesome and strange occurance, I never told anyone, because they’d never believe me and say…”Ya’ right. You’re crazy!”
    You really are a sweet and re-freshing, cool drink of water, life-saver!

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