#671 Reuniting a sock from the Sock Orphanage Drawer with its freshly washed, once lost brother or sister

missing socks are reunitedWe don’t know where you’ve been. We don’t know how you got home. But come here and give us a hug, old friend.

We thought we lost you.


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36 thoughts on “#671 Reuniting a sock from the Sock Orphanage Drawer with its freshly washed, once lost brother or sister

  1. I am sure all my socks go into some sort of parrallel universe a bit like Narnia, only to return when I had all but given up hope in seeing them again.

  2. All laundry-related appliances steal socks and hide them in a secret compartment that even the people who design it don’t know is there.

    They are steeped in deep magic.

  3. totally agree comments above.

    socks turn out in places I’m absolutely positive I’ve checked several times.

    it’s magic.

  4. I have a little bag full of socks with no matches. Almost every time I do laundry, I throw at least one sock in the bag. Every now and then I will go through it and poof…there will be a match. Its a mystery that we will never know.

    1. Apropos of nothing but you and I have the same nickname, spelled exactly the same. I’ve never come across another “Bekah” before!

  5. I have to say, there are fewer times in life when I feel the rush of total accomplishment than when I find the pair to a sock I have lovingly folded and held onto for many months in the hopes of it being reunited with its mate! Also, since I have stopped shopping for a year (no clothes, accessories or makeup), this is an especially momentous occasion! (It’s true. I am not even allowed to buy socks!)
    Another Awesome Thing on the books!
    And I couldn’t agree more!
    Love, P

    P.S. I love, love, love your site!

  6. Amazing to read how universal this is. It happens in my household all the time, and its as much a mystery as ever. But why does it always happen with socks. How come I never do a load of laundry and all of a sudden find some old t-shirt that I haven’t seen in 6 months?

    1. you don’t?!!? I do all the time!! and its usually my favorite shirt! :( but it is oh so sweet when it finds its way back!! :)

  7. Damnit, I don’t want to be “that person,” but I think there’s a typo in the heading. Should it not be “its freshly washed…”?

    Also, this happened to me not too long ago with my favorite pair of moose-socks! I love it!

  8. We always call this phenomenon the sock monster. He crawls in through the pipe in the back after you start the dryer, devours a sock, and then crawls back out again before the load is done. It’s always a good feeling when you find that he missed coming to your dryer today! :)

  9. Gremlins! Definitely gremlins! For 35 years these pests have followed me from apartment to apartment, hiding socks, silverware I just washed,
    reading glasses, and now remotes. They just live in the dryer (the portal to the parallel universe) to stay warm. Then when I’m not looking, they put things right back where I left them! But I’ll catch them at it….oh yeesss.
    Sock stealing gremlins!! Awesome

  10. My underwear is smaller than the size of a sock, yet I never loose one in the wash. Socks just like to break up and have flings I guess.

  11. My sock monsters used to be of the feline variety. They would take my then-husband’s dress socks and run off with them. I would track down one, but could not find the other. We had a “sock graveyard” behind the bed.

  12. I call it the lonely hearts sock club and have the singles live ontop of my dresser until I find their mate.

  13. I have a theory about all the disappearing left socks. I think they turn into keys overnight. Don´t you have this whole stash of keys of which you have no idea where they are for but you don´t dare throw them away because you might need them someday? I am sure those are born from lost socks. I mean, matter disappears in some spot (the socks) so it has to return in another spot (the keys) right? Basic law of physics.

  14. These days who cares if u lose a sock or 50. They don’t need to match. Reach in the drawer and put one on and do it again. Just remember. Socks have feet marked by the big toes!

  15. I have decided that there is a dryer god.. To whom regular sacrifices of socks are necessary for my clothes to come out soft and fluffy and completely dry.

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