#669 Vacuuming a dirty carpet and hearing all the tiny rocks going through the hose

baby vacuumSince we’re lugging the heavy vacuum up from the basement, moving couches around, and getting the whole room smelling like hot dirt, it’s mighty nice when those rattling little pebbles pipe up and let us know it was alllllll worth it.


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38 thoughts on “#669 Vacuuming a dirty carpet and hearing all the tiny rocks going through the hose

  1. I haven’t been hearing that sound from my vacuum lately… I guess that’s an indication that I really need a new one.

  2. Best part about vacuuming the laundry is definitely the little tiny pieces of kitty litter making that sound.

    I also have one of those bagless vacuums, so emptying that is so satisfying!

      1. “laundry” meaning “laundry room” =P

        Although it would be an interesting way to clean the lint off of your clothes!

  3. It’s so great when you hear this noise, lets you know that you’re getting the job done, and those pebbles (or whatever they are) don’t stand a chance!

  4. Is that a bit of grit. Was that a piece of money? Or was that the treasure of the Sierra Madre??

    That sound is amazing!

  5. Vacuuming is the only household chore I thoroughly enjoy doing! I vacuum my dorm room multiple times a week JUST so I can hear that sound. :D

  6. Ah yes. That most satisfying sound of gobs of dirt being removed from all the rooms of the house. The vac running on and on. Then when the vacuum is finally turned off and silence once again pervades my senses I usually say…..”oh hunny bunny….you missed a spot over there.” Then I run like……

  7. I have a brand-new bagless vacuum and there are few things I enjoy more than emptying that canister. I love comparing today’s pulverized carpet-crud to the day-before’s accumulation. Awesome!

    1. Well I never, met a QUEEN, who vacuums! And EVERYDAY?!*
      Best be sure those aren’t some jewels falling from your crown making that lovely sound!

  8. I work at a hand carwash where we do interior cleaning as well as exterior, and I get to use a giant vacuum to pwn the dirt out of peoples car mats and carpets. Its my favorite part of the job. Some peoples cars are REALLY dirty. But not after I’m done with them. BMW carpets are the best, they vacuum out like a dream

  9. I’m usually a silent reader, but I absolutely HAD to post for this one. I recently discovered this site, and I’ve been waiting to come upon this entry. This is my absolute favorite thing. People tell me I’m weird when I say I like to vacuum, but hearing all the junk littering the floor get sucked in is the best music possible to my ears. Thank you thank you thank you for agreeing!

  10. I was thinking about this all day while vacuuming the house, and then I stumbled on this website and started searching the archives. I wonder if there’s an AWESOME post on AMAZING COINCIDENCES :]]]] hopefully.

  11. My vacuum is either broken or it hates me. It sucks up about half the dirt, and then it sends the other half shooting out the back right at me. I fear the vacuum shrapnel.

    1. lol. Vacuum Shrapnel!! Love it. I had that problem for about a year, then my mom came to visit and told me I needed a new vacuum, she couldn’t believe I was still using the one she bought me for grad school (10 years previously, and it was a $30 vac.)

      She forced me to go to Target that very moment (it was like an hour after they arrived – a 15-hour drive.) I thought she was crazy, but since she was buying…

      The new vacuum totally ended the shrapnel problem.

  12. I refuse to buys rugs because if I did I wouldn’t let my children walk around with shoes but when I was a little girl my mom had a vacuum with the bag and I remember her vacuuming and emptying the bag yuck but later on so she didn’t wake up the smaller ones she bought this thing that was like a vacuum and a broom and it didn’t make no sound. During the week she will use the vacuum/broom (don’t know the name) and on the weekends the vacuum, I used to love the sound, now I compare it to the sound of the blow dryer.

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