#663 When your roommate goes away for the weekend

no roommate total enjoymentChannel surf in your underwear, crank your embarrassing dance music, and let the crumb-covered dishes pile up without guilt. When you’re splitting the bills, the thermostat, and a few hundred square feet, sometimes a weekend alone can feel like a quiet, relaxing moment of


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29 thoughts on “#663 When your roommate goes away for the weekend


    t…two of them.

    no, i don’t know why.

    -f, who’s moving into a 1BR next week.

  2. Nailed it. Finally don’t get woken up by slamming doors or general loudness of inconsiderate rooommates. 2 days of heaven is what that is.

  3. Definitely. I’ve only had one of these experiences so far, but I am looking forward to many more. I am so getting a single room next year.

  4. Definitely, I ALWAYS LOVE this. Even though my roommate and i generally don’t have any issues, its just a different feeling when they are away.

  5. Oh man, this is an awesome thing. My roommate isn’t gone for very long usually, only one night at a time, but in the morning I sleep in longer than she does and when I get up, I don’t have to pretend to be modest and can parade around my room in my undies as much as I please. Its awesome. ^.^

    1. If Pelosi isn’t a “true liberal”, what is the definition of one? Somebody who makes me dig ditches for a living and then takes whatever my paltry wages are at gunpoint?

  6. My roommate and I are very relaxed so we can essentially sleep in until noon and act like slobs in our underware any day on the weekend. Therefore I just miss her when she leaves. =(

  7. I was wondering if this would be among the thousand awesome things! It’s especially true in college when you’re sharing just the one room. The best part is not having to hold in your farts.

  8. My mother always complains about the state of my house. I’ve lived alone for over 15 years.

    She, one the other hand, has NEVER lived alone. She went from family, to roommates, to husband.

    Now that we are all out of the house, she is alone when my dad travels. I laugh when she comments about how quickly the house goes to pieces when he’s gone. For her, this is a FIRST; unlike me, where this is a state of being.

    I need to share this with her.

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