31 thoughts on “#662 Fixing your wedgie when no one’s looking

  1. Even more awesome than that is completing a successful “wedgie walk”. You know, when you take a slightly longer stride and throw in a very subtle hip twist in the hopes that your underpants will correct themselves. When they do, it’s magic. Especially if no one notices.

    1. And the worst is when the initial hip-twist doesn’t work, and you involuntarily try to throw another one or two in before realising if anybody was watching they couldn’t possible not have seen it.

      1. It’s worst when the “wedgie twist” doesn’t work and the problem is made worst.

        How nice would it be to be young [like the picture] and not have to care about stares and glares and gracefulness. @.@

        1. Also works when you’re old. You get right back to that blissful state of not giving a rat’s ass what other people think, and it’s heaven.

    1. Unfortunately, my bum is so thick, pants and shorts ride right on up there even worse when going without.

      Oh, to live in a wedgie free world. Well, I suppose I could just wear skirts and dresses LOL!

  2. Ahem…obviously this really ain’t a guy issue judging by the comments…but…when guys get the TWO wedgies (front & back) we have the unmitigated gal to just:
    A) Reach
    B) Pull
    C) Yank (or shift)
    D) Scratch
    and go about our day as if nothing ever happened.
    Oblivious to the stares of any onlookers ’cause we’re guys. (insert the smack to the back of my head by my wife here)

    1. jajajajajaja I totally do that. My mom always says I’m nasty and that I should stop it. She doesn’t know, she deosn’t have the BALLS (pun intended) to do it.

  3. My former brother in law used to refer to wedgie-removal as “picking your seat to go to the movies!”

  4. Seriously, this is the best…especially when your somewhere like a baseball game and your wearing a thong and it keeps riding up!! This is one of my top AWESOME things!

  5. LOL!! I get the ever-dreaded wedgie when I wear skirts to work, and I must revert to 1 of 2 strategies for public-wedgie removal: 1) Back up into your cubicle, hike that skirt up in a gentle but swift motion, being careful not flip it so high as to cause the seam to curve upward and get stuck on whatever is behind you, ie computer moniter, file cabinet, desk etc, thus exposing the already tortured hiney cheeks-and use the one-finger slide method-start at the top of the panty with index finger and quickly slide down along seam; repeat for other side; entire proces takes less than 10 seconds; or 2) have your forever loyal friends form a “wall”, if you will, and yank away in private gloriousness. Also avoid the dress-wedgie; when one wearing a flowy skirt and has been sitting for a while, the inevitable skirt wedgie occurs, and can be quite embarrassing, possibly causing the repeated and irritating comment about your butt being hungry; When you stand, and realize the skirt wedgie is ever present, simply walk forward, and go about “smoothing out” your skirt, making necessary seam-on-the right-side-of-your-body-adjustments, and gracefully reach around and “fluff” your skirt! No one will be the wiser, and your butt no longer has the munchies.
    Or does that just happen to me?

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  7. I have to say, my friends really are wonderful. As we’re walking, one of us will just say, “oh, I really need to pick this wedgie,” and we’ll either all casually back up against a wall, or if their isn’t one, a few people will go behind the wedgie afflicted to form a barrier.
    Of course, sometimes we just pick it for them. I think that is true friendship.

  8. you can pick your friends, you can give a wedgie, but I don’t think you should be picking your friends wedgie, that’s just crossing the line, i think.
    As heard by the professor regularly on “Back To The Future”…
    “Great Scott,” for the lucky one who wears the kilt, i think! No wedgies!!
    but i don’t think so lucky on a Canadian day like today at-15!
    I do agree however, the older you get you become more like the little one in the photo… “my comfort matters most; remove wedgie as you please and it’s totally awesome, at least i think:)

  9. Also avoid the dress-wedgie; when one wearing a flowy skirt and has been sitting for a while, the inevitable skirt wedgie occurs, and can be quite embarrassing, possibly causing the repeated and irritating comment about your butt being hungry.

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