40 thoughts on “#656 When the plane suddenly speeds up on the runway

  1. I’m always tempted to yell a loud “Va-rooooooom!” but I have a feeling the other passengers might not like it.


  2. I’m total junkie of that pressure change feelling in your head when planes takes of. a simple “pop” in my ears. inner organs going back ot their place. and than brief silence just before plane crew starts to unbuckle.

    Awesome stuff.

  3. i prefer the moment when the landing gear gets pulled back up and the plane is safely aloft but, then again, i have never been a big fan of flying!

  4. I experience a mix of adrenaline — we’re finally on our way! – and fear. I always tightly clasp the hand of whomever I’m traveling with. Bit of a scaredy cat on takeoff and landing.

  5. Landing is much more fun! Extra adrenaline due to the increased chance of instant death, followed by relief as the plane brakes in time on the runway, then that excited first look at the ground view of your destination! AWESOME!

    P.s. this doesn’t apply on returning from a great holiday. That moment is NOT awesome.

  6. Absolutely exciting plus the up and down movement when the airplane ride the air turbulences.

    Also awesome, when back home, when you mobile phone give you a familiar operator name and when the local resident portal is the one you need to go through…

  7. Only flown once (that I can remember) but that’s definitely the best part! I also enjoy the sudden ‘oh my gosh, the ground is way down there’ feeling. :)

  8. I think taking off is the second best part of a flight. The best part is the landing. Not only do you get that speed burst before you slow down that pushes you into your seat, but you’re also happy with the knowledge that you don’t need to sit cramped in a seat anymore (unless you have a dreaded connecting flight (not awesome!)). Also there’s a good chance that it also means that you’re in your holiday destination.

  9. It truly is an Awesome feeling. As a frequent flier I’ve always enjoyed the take off. Even with a little turbulence, I want to throw my hands up and yell like a kid on a roller coaster. But the air marshals (& everyone else) would probably not be amused.

  10. I love this part….feels like you are on a (safe) roller coaster. I usually lift my legs off the floor! LOL

  11. I HATE flying so much, so taking off and landing are excruciatingly hard for me. I always take two Dramamine right before we board and PRAY that I pass out before the plan takes off. If not I’m a bundle of nerves and it’s just terrible.

    So this is like the first time ever I don’t agree with the list. :(

  12. I flew for the first time ever when I was 21, and on take off I was grinning like a fool. The kid across the aisle from me was clapping and laughing, and I think her dad thought I was smiling at her reaction — nope.

  13. Brilliant ! That combination of fear and excitement… As they say it… “Priceless”. :D So step on it ! Pedal to the metal, baby. The adrenaline rush we’ve all been waitin’ for. Don’t, don’t, oh… Please do. Weeeee ! :D Next best moment is when the plane settles in the air. We’re airborne. Almost makes me cry. Gosh, I adore planes. Stunning sensation when one flies right above your head, very close, too. :O Unfortunately I don’t think the guards at the airport agree with me, or so they whistle. :D But, hey, here’s to the adrenaline rush ! ME-ow!

  14. I love those big old planes when the brakes are on and the pilot thrusts the engines for speed and then lets the brakes off and the roll begins. It is that initial rush…that is the rush.

  15. I thought I was the only person that like the sensation of zero to take-off in flying.Yess, definitely it’s awesome!! hahaha

  16. That was always my favourite part of flying too, then I became the pilot and it was even more fun!
    But now my favourite part is probably getting that perfect soft field landing…. When you just grease it, and you can’t even feel the plane touching the ground.
    I feel accomplished, lol :)

  17. Love the takeoff thrust too, that moment that says “we’re finally on our way”; but I also love the other end, just after touchdown, when you’re shooting down the runway at 200 MPH and the pilot switches to reverse thrust … that’s security!

  18. One fine day, a friend picked us up at the lttle local airport, to fly to the Caribou, in his single engine Sesna…just for lunch!
    He’s one of the most generous and jolly people I know.
    Take off, flying and landing, both there and back in one day was outstanding!
    This was one fine day. Thanks Wyatt~ You are awesome!

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