#654 Peeling that thin plastic film off new electronics

peeling plastic off electronicsWelcome to the world, remote control. We’re happy to have you with us, laptop monitor. You’re free, cellphone.


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68 thoughts on “#654 Peeling that thin plastic film off new electronics

  1. I like to leave mine on as long as possible, to prolong that ” check out my awesome new purchase” feeling. Peeling it off is awesome, though. It’s as if you’re saying “you belong to ME now.”

  2. Oh man, I have to do this immediately after my new product is out of the box. I can’t wait like some people can. Peeling that piece of plastic off is like making it officially mine now.

  3. I love peeling the plastic off, too. But my dad disagrees — the plastic on his laptop has been intact, air bubbles and dusty-edges and all, for the past three years, and will probably be for a long, long time.

    1. OMG mine. too. he always goes ‘it prevents scratches’ and im like, well it looks crap with it on so u might as well have it nice for a bit longer by taking it off!

  4. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t realize for several weeks that there was a thin plastic layer on my cell phone. I thought that’s just how it was. But I am technologically deficient, especially given that I only got my first cell phone five years ago. But imagine how awesome it was for me to discover that I could remove the plastic and have a clear view!

  5. I like doing this, especially on clocks, where there’s occasionally ink on the plastic. Then I can go “Take that, 8s!” while I peel it off.

  6. This could very well be my favourite awesome thing to date. Not much beats this feeling. I even try to do it for other people.

  7. I normally peel it off right after purchase too but my iPod which I’ve had for 5 years still has the cling film on its click wheel. It kept it clean though! Contrary to popular belief, I do not have plastic on my couch.

  8. Even better than this is unboxing a new Mac. That lovely new Mac smell (not the same as taking a PC out of a brown box covered in brown tape!) and how they fit so perfectly in the box that the air almost pops as you take it out is just the best. Then comes the plastic pealing… AWESOME

  9. I got a new phone 15 days ago. The 2 biggest pieces of the film are still intact. It came with like 5 other smaller pieces though! It will be a sad day when I give in and peel them off. And I will probably get scratches on the screens as soon as I do!

  10. yesss.
    the best is when you think you got all the plastic strips, but then you find a new one to pull off days later.

  11. Ahh I love this. However it’s really annoying when people refuse to take theirs off so you’re stuck looking at it while it says “peel me!”.

    1. Omg, that happened to me. My best friend got a new cellphone and he wouldn’t let me peel it off. I was mad.

        1. I know, that drives me nuts too. The worst is when it’s all bubbly, peely, and dirty, and they STILL won’t let you peel it off.

  12. Peel the sticky off….Awesome!! Also, I pull every card insert in every magazine I get.
    The satisfaction of ripping those fixed “bookmarkers” is almost as Awesome as peeling of the plastic sticky covers!
    Bwaahahahahah! ………..On to the stickers on bananas!!

  13. Oh I love it, but i really really hate those people who’re stupid enough to not peel it off! Usually these are the same people who walk months with holding their new cells with both hands to make sure they wont drop it. Uh, even reading about those people who dont peel it off made me queasy.

  14. Ohmygosh. this is one of the most awesome things ever! My dad got a new laptop for christmas and for 3 excruciating months he wouldn’t let me peel off the plastic film on the screen. I finally did and it was sheer pleasure (; Same goes for cell phones and tv screens. it’s awesome!

  15. I could not agree more! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peeling stickers and nothing is better than those plastic films……well, almost nothing. I was once car shopping with my sister and we went to the back of the lot. I found myself in a sea of cars that were newly shipped in, and did you know that they come covered in a white sticky film? It was sticky film peeling heaven! The salesman let me peel open an ENTIRE CAR! I still smile when I think about it.

  16. Ahahahahahaha. I can never, ever bring myself to do that. I have no idea why. It’s not like I’m planning to sale the items or keep them or put them in frames. LOL I just can’t bring myself to do it. And when I finally do it, I get no satisfaction. HELP ! :D

    1. God, I can’t believe I just said “sale the items”. What on earth is wrong with me? Blurry morning I guess. Winnie the pooh. “sell the items”

  17. I keep the film on as long as possible! I left it on my watch for months before something hit it and peeled it right off. If the film wasn’t there, it would’ve gotten scratched!

  18. This is seriously one of my favorite things, people know this about me….so even better than this awesome thing?

    When people wait and ask you if YOU want to peel the thin plastic film off for them. AWESOME!!!!!

  19. Oooooh! This is a good one! I haven’t read all 1,000…wondering if peeling the sticky stuff that adheres product samples to magazine pages is on here anywhere – very similar.

  20. Oh the safety plastic, Nothing makes me more OCD-feeling then seeing that and having the uncontrollable urge to rip it off.

  21. My sister thought she had bought the wrong color of microwave. It was supposed to be stainless steel and the one she bought was blue. She returned it, exchanging it for another. The “color” ended up being transulscent blue plastic that could be peeled off. It was really quite funny.

  22. There are people who live on the fringes of society who leave it there and say it’s supposed to be there forever.

    I know these people exist.

  23. I bought a used car and the original owner did not remove the film from the gearshift cover (where it shows P,N,D,etc) on the center console. I almost peed myself when I realized this. I removed it and it was pristine!

  24. I work in a cell phone store and I try to take these off as often as I can when I’m selling new phones. (but I always ask first, since so many like to do it themselves, or want to keep it on there) But any ones that have words on them I can normally get away with :-)

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  26. What about peeling off really stuck-on window clings*? Before I was a tutor, I used to work retail, peeling these was always MY job (I made sure of it)!

    *The newer clings are not as fun to peel as the older ones. One week is the minimum, I’d say. I wouldn’t be surprised to find I’m not alone and that people like me are responsible for false and/or expired advertising everywhere.

  27. where can i get plastic to put on my laptop since i dnt want it to get scratched but the old one is peeling

    1. That is a good question.
      We were just handed down a gently used lap top to take to “mainly outdoor” events for our business and have so far failed to find. If you discover, please post on the day you do, not here but over there…in the now zone…so I’ll know too. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. hahaha.
      Please and Thank you!

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