#651 When the phone rings and it’s somebody you were just thinking about

baby on phoneFaces float and fly through our brains.

Kicking pebbles, wearing backpacks, laughing about the school day, your friends flicker past you with red cheeks and windswept hair on cool and crisp walks home.

Silverware clinking, gravy boats dripping, your family sits in thick holiday sweaters under a sparkly chandelier amongst half-filled wine glasses and steamy bowls of brussel sprouts.

Furnace quietly clicking, clock slowly ticking, your boyfriend lies beside you on the patchy corduroy couch in the dark unfinished basement, smiling between kisses and laughs, sharing a moment in a memory.

Somebody’s thinking about you right now, too.

Give them a call.


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26 thoughts on “#651 When the phone rings and it’s somebody you were just thinking about

  1. I like this, especially when it’s people whom you really enjoy but never get to talk to that much. Like that cool relative that occasionally takes you on trips to far off places.

    I know, I’m odd.

  2. I don’t know if this one is particularly awesome. It usually just creeps me out — as if my friends can read my mind.

    What’s even creepier is when I pick up the phone to order a pizza and the delivery guy pulls up at the same moment. Of course, I always order from Psychic Pizza. They’re fast!


  3. Oh my God! Not only does today’s post happen to us all the time, but even the “half-filled wine glasses and steamy bowls of brussel sprouts” – I swear this blog is written about us, Audrey!! That is just scary! :D

  4. How right….ya know, I was just thinking of…wait…phones ringin’….uh…I gotta take this…helllooo….

  5. I think that is so creepy.
    It happens so much between me and my best friend. He’d call me then do something else and say he’ll call me back then I’d forget about it then I would just think about what he said and then BAM! Phone rings!

  6. My mom and I used to call each other and would always start the conversation something like “I was just going to call you…” Sadly, I don’t get those calls anymore, since 12/06. But I think of her every day and I know she is watching down on me every day.

  7. This use to happen all the time with my twin and I, she died a year and a half ago, on the her deaths 1 yr. anniversery right before I went to bed, I thought about her, at the moment my phone went off, it said I had a voice mail. I listened to it, it was her voice on the other end telling me she missed me terribly and that she loved me.

    You see, right before she died her and her husband went on a vaction. I guess I never got this message and it some how caught up with me. I cant explain what happened that night. All I know is that she is looking down on me everyday. I never really got over her death until that day. Now I am stronger than ever.

    I love and miss you more than anything Anna

  8. This is so great. One of those moments where you think there’s some mind reading or something going on… Great memories in this one too….good post.

  9. I’ll never forget this… From back in the days of answering machines.

    I had a dream that my ex called. He broke up with me, but I still cared. I remember waking up and starting to cry because I really missed him.

    A few hours later, I checked my messages. HE’D CALLED!!!! It wasn’t a dream, I was listening to him leave the message on the machine while I was sleeping.

    We didn’t stay together, but I’ll never forget that feeling of realizing that his call wasn’t a dream. It was AWESOME!!!

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