#648 Shooing a fly outside without having to kill it

shoo fly don't bother meSure, there may be a few tense minutes while the little rascal gets trapped between the sliding doors, but if you’re patient he’ll eventually find his way outside and you can rest feeling a little less murderery.


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34 thoughts on “#648 Shooing a fly outside without having to kill it

  1. I don’t think this should be limited to flies. It feels good to let a trapped bug or creature leave in peace.

    Well, maybe except for wasps.

    1. i prefer the shoo, but only because killing it with a hand leaves fly guts on your hand, a swat leaves guts on the furniture, and fly spray leaves you choking and inhaling chemicals. Personally, flies are probably a tie with mozzies as most hated insect, closely followed by ants XP

  2. I keep a can of Raid next to me at all times. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wherever. Shooing? No way I’m getting close enough to shoo a fly. I kill it with the said Raid (which is actually very satisfying), and then vacuum it.

    They carry germs and are disgusting. They deserve to die! D:

  3. Can’t help but think about President Obama giving that fly the old wax on wax off right on national TV. That was really awesome.

  4. My rat terrier “jay jay” has trashed more than one patio door screen going after them wascally flys.
    Of course he doesn’t care which side of the screen they are on though.
    I gotta buy a flyswatter. Those screens are starting to add up.

  5. Totally can see myself running around the room holding a magazine/book. And when it finally leave the room, HURRAY!!!

    Totally awesome feeling. Very satisfactory. Lol.

    [applies to all other bugs too. X)]

  6. My best friend and I spent a summer making a “valley of the Impailled” of flys on his back portch. It did not seem to scare other flys away, but it made us feel better.

  7. LOL I let one loose just yesterday! I usually just murder them…but I happened to be standing by the door…and it kept buzzing around me….so I just opened the door for it and it flew out. It had been annoying me for 2 days so I was glad to rid of it.

    BUT a very quick way to kill a fly at night (takes a matter of seconds): shut all lights in all rooms except 1. Close the door, leaving it slightly ajar. When the fly enters (never fails!) give it a squirt of deadly insecticide.

    Another tip: hair spray works better than any insect spray (it immediately sticks their little wings together and they drop dead).

    I have WWWAAAYYY too much time on my hands LOL

  8. WTF!? R u a PETA extremist? Bugs that serve no purpose other than spreading disease must die! Flies, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, ticks, etc. Feel free to shoo and catch and release bugs that actually benefit the world. But kill the flies!

  9. Killing the fly awesome because you have the satisfaction of knowing you have stopped germs and disease in their tracks, and that you have done your part in making the world a more sanitary place. You know that you have very slightly increased the odds the the old guy next door with the compromised immune system won’t end up in the hospital with a horrible infection.

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  11. I was visiting a friend today when she showed me your blog (I’m a little out of it, so I didn’t know about it until recently). I went home, checked out your site, and started from the beginning. Yeah, I’ve read 352 of these blog posts today. When I saw this one, I had to comment. I JUST did this as I was leaving my friends house.

  12. “less murderery”…tee hee. I got to feel less murderery a couple days ago when I tupperwared a paper wasp in my bedroom and released her outside.

  13. I think it’s even better when you shoo a wasp or bee outside because I’m too scared to kill them in case I get stung! Mozzies and flies should get the smack. It’s so satisfying, and also cleaning up the the fly guts with one wipe of the tissue paper leaving no stains on the wall – that’s awesome!

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