#646 Picking all the dried glue off the lid

peel it offFinger-picking the sticky congealed remains off the top of the plastic glue lid sounds like no fun, but come on: it’s relatively clean and easy, satisfies some obsessive-compulsive instincts, and gives us all some smoooooooooth streaming for the rest of crafts day.


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35 thoughts on “#646 Picking all the dried glue off the lid

    1. I think it’s great when you can get a strand that goes from the cap all the way down the side of the bottle. What a satisfying feeling.

  1. Yes, as much as I profess to hate the gunk on the ketchup and mustard bottles, I do have to admit that picking it off is somehow satisfying. And the result – awesome, as you say. Thanks, you’ve given me a new perspective today.

    1. That’s really sweet, Jesse! I’ll have to try that with my girls- their 3 and 4, though, so I’ll do it in print. Thank you (and your mom) for the idea!

  2. My ketchup never gets crusty, but it gets congealy. I always get a napkin to get that stuff off. Mustard and glue crust-caps, however, are ripe for the picking. Love it!

  3. It’s even better when it wipe it off after every use. Then you don’t get greeted by gunk.

    The glue peeling mention…gosh, how did I forget about that? We used to pour that white Elmers glue on our hands, let it dry and then peel it off. Kids, eh?

  4. My youngest son used to say the dribble from the glue bottle was an elf tear because someone didn’t close the cap all the way.

    Kid’s still in therapy at 26.

  5. Even though I am normally a neat, tidy person, I used to deliberately let my Elmer’s glue drip down the orange ribbed cap so that I could peel it off later.

    There is something so satisfying about that sensation. In sixth grade, we used to put a thin layer of glue on the back of our rulers just so we could peel it off.

    1. In school we used to let a layer of PVA or craft glue dry on our palms and peel it off. It was like making a sheet of skin because it held the shape of the lines and prints off your hands and fingers. Waste of glue? I think not!

      1. YESSSSSS PVA is the best :D i used to do that too! Although in year i think 3 4 and 5 we’d put it on our fingers and press them together, then proclaim ‘Oh my gosh, my fingers are stuck together!!!!!!! What am I going to do?!’ and then proceed to spend the rest of recess peeling the glue off and trying to see how much we could get at once :) ahhh, good memories.

  6. Not only did I love doing this as a kid, but my siblings and I would rub the glue in our hands, let it dry completely and then peel it off. We did this whenever we were stuck in the house with nothing to do. This post definitely brings back good childhood memories. AWESOME!

  7. It’s even more satisfying when you have to pop off the orange tip, dig in with your nails or a sharp object, and pull a thick, gluey mass of blockage. You snap the tip back on, turn the bottle over, and squeeze out a beautiful stream of glue that flows as freely as if it came from a brand-new bottle.

  8. Oh thank gods i thought i was the only one who loved doing this. I tend to go a step further though and when i have the time i smear glue on my hand and wait for it to dry then peel it off, its very gross to most people but i love it.

  9. Yup, peeling off that thick, knobby glump of dried glue off the plastic yellow top of the glue bottle is satisfying, after squeezing the bottle hard, wondering furiously why the glue isn’t coming out. Then…*Ohh…it’s clogged.* Peel off the clumpy cover, and the glue sails out smoothly…definitely AWESOME! And nice pic, too. :)

  10. I used to paint it on my hands then let it dry. I loved peeling off glue.. *sigh* oh, the joys of childhood!

  11. I can relate to all of the above. I was factually just peeling a frisbee size lid yesterday so my grandson could safely play with it in “his” cupboard. (ftr. we don’t put him in a cupboard, it’s full of “safe plastic toys & things.)
    But I wonder if there’s anyone here who can relate to this: the glue that came with a “dixie stick” that smelled so much like peppermint you couldn’t resisteating a bite or 2 or maybe even 3 if you forgot your lunch that day!

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